Sunday, January 1, 2012

His gift to me for 2012

Bugsy and I decided to take advantage of a pretty morning to do some field work. As per usual he wore his e-collar, for those times when he discovers something more interesting to hunt or flat out refuses to work with me.
Today we were using quail wings tied to a dummy, we have previously been working with pheasant wings and I can say without doubt that quail wings are WAY better than pheasant wings. Well if his intensity and insanity are an assessment of which is better!

He was so excited, yet he sat and waited when asked.
He tore into the long grass or woods, pointing and retrieving as asked. Delivering to hand, admittedly sometimes doing a victory lap around me before relinquishing his cherished wings.

I am not sure how long we worked but it was a blast to see him flying over logs and gullies and cleverly making his way through thick cover.
It was thrilling to work with his enthusiasm and energy.
And when I said ok Bugs let's head home, he trotted, wings in mouth to my car and waited for me.
He gave me the wings, waited to make sure I put them in the car, then hopped in the back and was ready to roll.

Not once did I even think about the e-collar, or struggle to recover the dummy, or have to remind him to stay. At one point he was in a stay over 150 yds from me and he didn't move until I sent him.

I don't think that from here on out he'll always be this good but we've been seeing signs that my silly, crazy, now 6 yr old boy is maturing.
It's wonderful and much less stressful.
Bugsy just when I think I can't love you more, you show me I can.
Thanks for a great New Year's Day hunt

A few photos
Jan 1,2012