Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yup there's been lots of fun of late. We finally have consistently cool mornings and evenings. The days are still too warm for insanity but hey even the Bugs needs a nap on occasion.
He's been out and about and playing with his girlfriends and sneaking into people's homes (not really I was told to open the door a bit and their dog would come out but instead Mr. Greased Lightning flew in and said hi to all the inhabitants before being captured and escorted out).
This morning as per usual he had his Sunday playdate with his girl Izzy. They are always good for a laugh and today didn't disappoint.

He greeted Izzy with kisses - but she looks not too pleased with his breath or something

We did have one not so happy moment when Izzy decided that sharing his ice cube treat was not good enough. (I put some cheese or bacon bits or other yummy in a 32oz yogurt tub and fill it about halfway with water before freezing. It makes a cool low cal treat and he loves to gnaw away at the ice) At first Bugsy was so happy when she came over to join in,
but then she really went after him and we had to break the treat in two and then all was right again. Poor Bugsy he always wants to share and he usually has his treats stolen and/or gets ripped into!

Very happy to say there was no issue once we had two hunks of ice they ate their ice and went right back to being silly best buddies!

Monday, September 6, 2010

He did it!

We are enjoying a little break from the heat with lows in the 50's so I decided that it was time to take Bugsy on a hike.
Somewhere different, green, and with water access
I decided to go to Raven Rock State Park and was really pleased with the trails, the day, the people we saw, and the Cape Fear River.
The trail we chose, OK I chose it LOL, was 5 miles and labeled 'moderate'.
We haven't done any trails in well over a year due to his knee so neither of us is tip-top shape but I thought I was in decent shape.
This is leading to this; we were very tired at the end!

I was getting a bit concerned about his legs but I didn't see him limping just tired. No limping last night or today, just tired legs.

Well not so tired, in fact we just had a Bugsy move - we blocked the doggie door that leads from the porch to the free world because a friend was coming by and we didn't want him charging the car to greet them.
So she pulled in the drive, he realized who it was and he leaped over the footstool in front of the doggie door, hit the porch door which swung open, but instead of going out of the opening door he dove through the doggie door as the door was swinging open, so he nearly crashed into the house windows but didn't.

Now one could say is a bull in a china shop and no doubt he is but he is a darn agile bull LOL = INSANE

Thursday, September 2, 2010

chocolate and your dog

Just a quick post to share an informative article on chocolate and dogs. Most dog owners are aware that chocolate can be dangerous for their canine buddies - this is a chart of which types of chocolate are more dangerous