Monday, October 19, 2009

and we begin week 2, changes ahead

I am fully resigned to surgery at this point and to the TPLO procedure - so I am allowing him some activity so that his muscles remain strong but we are still not allowing him his normal freedom and he remains on no walks.
He is getting much more comfy in his crate which is wonderful to see - he's still awfully happy to get out of his crate but often goes in just to relax.

I'll be calling the surgeon's office today to get a bit more information and consider some dates.

In the mean time we have had a great weekend as always full of laughs.
Love this dog and his insane sense of humor

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 1 of increased containment

OK we really didn't have much luck with on leash only full containment. And I have vacillated between we are heading to surgery no matter what to does he really need surgery at all?
When I lean towards the former I think he should be able to do some things that after surgery he will absolutely not be able to do for months and months. I do not want him to lose too much muscle prior to the surgery so i allow him some activity.

I have spoken to umpteen people, rehab vets, owners who have put their dogs through the surgery, educated others and pretty much anyone that will listen. It really does seem that the TPLO surgery is in our future how near to the present is another thing but it sure seems likely we will have to surgically repair his leg.
So I have kept him from the stairs until evening time when he likes to be in the same room as us to watch TV and I have restricted his time outside to mainly bodily functions and a little supervised searching. He has been crated at some point each day and his meals have been partly dispensed via treat ball.

The result


He is a donkey on the edge.

His behaviors are like when he was a pup, he is mouthier, more crazy in the house, his mischief level is HIGHER, he is pushier, etc.

When outside he is on the prowl all the time and ready to guard. He whines so much outside that the mockingbirds can be heard mimicking his whine.

Basically it is no fun and Bugsy says, "someone come free me!"

I say, give me some guidance and support to do the right thing for my boy. I know that many dogs don't have the freedom he has on his restricted regime but he isn't a normal dog. We spent a long time getting to a place where he was happy to play by our rules and that included him have a significant amount of freedom within our constraints. As we are increasing the constraints and reducing his freedom he unsurprisingly is becoming less compliant.
And this is the beginning.........................

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 1 of conservative management

Well I have begun Bugsy's FULL restriction today and I have to tell you that this feels terrible. He is very confused and seems to think that he has done something wrong. I go from feeling sure that this is worth a shot to I am wasting a month of his life and allowing the muscles to atrophy.
It really stinks.
I moved his crate back to the main floor and it is in our living room. He was curious about it and checked it out without being asked. I bit ago he went in and I closed the door. His eyes went wide - whoa mom this was OK open but I don't really like it too much closed.

Please think of us and send some healing vibes for the beast. I so want this to work so we can avoid surgery and have months of this. If it doesn't work I will feel bad that I rested him for no reason. Sigh. I do know there are much bigger issues to deal with but I am sad about this. My crazy zooming boy deserves better.
doesn't he look happy?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good news, bad news

As those of you who follow this blog know, poor Bugsy has been limping on and off for nearly two months. Yesterday after all else failed I took him in for x-rays and an orthopedic consult. I will admit to fearing the worst and suspecting that he had bad hips and that his life was about to change.
Well the good news is that his hips are wonderfully healthy. He does however have a tear in the ACL of his right knee. I am researching the options and understand that he will have to have surgery and a long rehabilitation period. During this rehab period I will happily hire him out so if any of you would like to provide a nice soft bed for him, I will pack up some food and send him your way LOL
Did I mention that his activity will be completely restricted to bodily functions? Yikes.
So today I am starting some restrictions, for example I put a gate across the stairs as he isn't to do the stairs very often. He is so out of sorts already. So pray for him, pray for us because the months ahead are going to be tough.