Friday, June 28, 2013

Just what is going on?? Please read and share if you agree

I awoke this morning to the news that our county shelter had put a note on the door saying they were full, animals brought in were likely to be euthanized swiftly.
This isn't truly surprising. Wholly avoidable but not surprising. Someone posted they received 550 animals in the last 12 days. 
Of course not too many years ago the SPCA of Wake County took in animals from some areas of the county while the county shelter took in the rest. But politics won and all animals had to be sent to the county shelter, which SWORE they had the capability to handle all animals coming in. 
Of course since that point the shelter has been in the news several times for mistakes, problems, change of directors, accidental euthanasia (really), you name it.
So here we are, 'over-capacity' and thankful for other shelters taking in some animals.
Anyone with a brain saw this coming.
I know they are trying to do their best, however, understanding one's ability and capacity is essential. I wonder what the guy who 'promised' this would never happen is thinking today? I would love to ask him that question face to face.
Of course the main issue is the idiot owners. Don't give me any crap about why you can't or won't spay/ neuter. You are an ass, an incompetent ass. You have enough difficulty providing a half decent life for your current animal, why allow them to procreate?  You know vet care and food are essentials right? You know that companion animals need human interaction right? Positive interaction, just to be sure we are on the same page.
Don't talk to me about how your cat(s) need to roam and how the puppy you promised to love has to live outside because it got too big or you can't have hair inside.
A neighbor's young dog is outside, with access to the garage, alone for hours today and tonight. We had violent storms a while ago after which I saw this poor dog pacing in its driveway, awaiting his humans.
What the hell is wrong with people?
These are good people, how can they be so careless?

I'm seeing breed rescues so overwhelmed they are putting dogs into iffy or worse homes.
I love dogs. I really do. The more I interact with them, the more I love them.
I am angry at how stupid people are with regard to the responsibility of ownership.  I am angry that the idiot that refuses to spay/ neuter their dog is also the idiot that hands their dogs in to the shelter because its too much bother, costs too much, barks, needs food and water, etc.

Grow up people. You are the problem.
I am not targeting responsible breeders, so don't go off about how I am anti-breeder.  If you are breeding to improve a breed, doing appropriate health testing, ensuring good homes and willing to take back an animal you sell I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU.

I am talking about the hunter who says his dog is a great hunter and pointers are popular so they create puppies.
I am talking to the person who thinks its wrong to sterilize their pet.
I am talking to the person who thinks their pet is good looking and others say so, so you breed it.
I am talking to the irresponsible owner who just allows nature to take its course creating more unwanted animals.
I am angry 

If you have loved a pet, truly loved a pet, you know each animal has a soul. 
Take a wander through a shelter, look into these poor animals eyes. Feel their fear.
Have a chat with the shelter workers. 
If you walk out unchanged, you may be hopeless, in my eyes anyway. 
That is a level of cold I can't and won't comprehend.

Shelters exist for truly homeless animals and real hardship cases. 
This post won't reach the people it needs to reach, and I can't say I feel better after writing it, but I did need to write it.