Sunday, March 9, 2014

The evolution of the Bugsmonster, like a fine wine

A funny thing has happened to Bugsy. 
He has matured and softened. 
Don't get me wrong, he still wants to kill furry things, runs like a fool because he can, and does ridiculous things that make my heart stop. 
However, these days you can pet him and he seems to enjoy it. 
We had a rainy day and I was sick; he laid next to me happy to snooze all day long. 
He walks. 
I know you are like so he walks, Bugsy trots. In the house, in the yard, pretty much everywhere. 
Tonight though he happily sauntered around the yard. Eventually he laid down and enjoyed the fire I had made. It was all so civilized. Peaceful even.
In the past I have worried about his aging from a physical standpoint and of course there have been changes, he currently seems healthy enough though and his broken joints are as good or better than one should reasonably expect.
He has just mellowed a bit. A little less frenetic, a little less intense.
A bit softer, more settled, and finally willing to be loved and touched.
Age 8.5. Like a fine wine, he has matured spectacularly.