Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bugsy's 7th SPCA dog walk!

This will be 7th year of walking my humans through the streets of Raleigh to support the SPCA which is where I lived for a short time. They are real nice there and its very clean and there are lots of things to do BUT having a family of my own is much better so I try to raise money so more strays can get homes.

I sure hope my humans walk faster this year I really want to be first in - I hate lagging behind!


love Bugsy!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sure, I am biased :)

But Bugsy is the best dog in the world, yup I am a beaming parent.

I had to take him to the vet today for about the one millionth time in his life. I wish that I could say that most of the time the visits are for a physical or a standard vaccination but it rarely is. Today's visit was to check out a lump under his front leg.

As always when I motioned him to come with, he got VERY happy excited. I mean anywhere you go in the car is awesome, right?

When we got there he was sniffing outside (in the pouring rain) and I said, "C'mon Bugs lets go see the doctor" and off he ran, even more excited to the front door.

Inside he was desperate to say hi to the elderly couple with the teeny dog in a crate. I couldn't hold him too well because with the wet feet and slick floors, he was splaying terribly. The couple, chuckling, said its OK let him say hi. Phew.

They left and we had some calm. I told him to 'relax' and he adopted the pose
Here's the pose

Out came a red shiba inu. Two doors away from us lives a red shiba inu. He's never met "Foxy" but he's fairly convinced that Foxy is indeed a fox. He doesn't like fox.
I was concerned.
But after a tense moment or two they were fast friends and trying to play in the lobby.

Next comes a large male bull terrier. If there is a profile of a dog that Bugsy will try to slap down it is a large, male, mostly white, bully breed. The bull terrier approached with his chest puffed and tail high. Once again I sensed some tension in Bugsy so I wrapped my arms around him and held him in place. Within a minute or two both had wagging tails and a serious wrestling match was about to take place. The front desk people were laughing out loud.

Two dogs, both of the tiny percentage of dogs likely to get a negative reaction from Bugsy and all we got was tail wags and attempts to play.
Just love my boy <3

Finally we make our way to the treatment room. Bugsy meets the vet tech as if she is a long lost friend. Next comes the doctor who is also greeted with a wagging tail.
As the vet is feeling the lump Bugsy is slobbering him with kisses. Fish kibble kisses because I had brought a bag of kibble to bribe him with.

Its decided that it is likely a lipoma (fatty lump) but it is best, due to location, to aspirate it. First they have to shave what little hair Bugsy has on his chest.
He wasn't a fan of the razor but stood still as we fed him kibble piece by piece while he got shaved. Then he kissed the tech.

Next was the vet grabbing hold of the lump and sticking a needle in it to draw out some of it for looking at.
More kibble and honestly a completely nonchalant attitude to getting stuck with the needle.
"go on and stick me with that needle just don't come back with that shaver thing!"

Afterwards he kissed the vet again profusely. He was wagging and wiggling and so happy to get a few more pieces of kibble.
At this point the vet said, "Bugsy you really need to try and be friendlier"

I was basking in the relief of the knowledge it was a lipoma and nothing to worry about (although it feels like a real sign that my boy is getting older)and watching him interact with the vet staff and the dogs that crossed his path I couldn't help but feel lucky.
Lucky to have this sweet, over-sized lover boy.
He has some traits that make him so very challenging but he has other traits that make him the easiest and best dog on earth.

Yes I know each of us thinks their dog is the best dog on earth...............well at least some of the time anyhow!