Monday, May 12, 2014

it really isn't insanity

During the week I wake at 5am at the latest, put on walking clothes and interrupt Bugsy's morning rolling session to head out into the darkness.
I start the coffee before I go so that at least I can have a few whiffs of the glorious smell, I won't taste any until I return.
As I strap on my shoes and affix the flashlights I often think, "either this is dedication or I am completely insane."

This morning as I sleepily headed down the drive, Bugsy leading the way, wide awake, ready to run and hunt, I sighed and took a deep breath.
At that moment I smelled the flowers of the privet hedge, and honeysuckle, and the early tulip tree buds. The morning air was heavy and still. The moisture was holding the scent.
I took another long inhale and my eyes went skyward, the stars were large and bright.
The only sounds were some doves, a few songbirds, an owl or two.
My thoughts of tiredness left. I felt exhilarated - not ready to run and hunt alongside the Beast but suddenly I didn't feel insane for leaving my bed to walk.

As I did my best to keep up with my Beast, I thought about this time we have together. It sets the tone for our morning and our day.
Last week I changed our routine and didn't take him for two mornings, my day didn't really feel right and by the reaction I got on Friday when I took him back out for an early morning walk, he had missed our time too.
It is our routine and Bugsy loves a routine. I mean he LOVES a routine.
If we do our walk, once home OUR routine continues. Each action I take, he takes a complimentary one.
Even to the point at which I put some of my things in the car, he will run to the door to watch me put them in the car, once he sees me shut the car door, he runs to his bed and assumes his 'relaxed' pose  waiting for his treat.
Here he is in his 'relaxed' pose

So in the end I declare it sane to wake up before 5am, don walking gear and get dragged down the road in the pitch black.
Of course I reserve the right to change my mind once the copperheads become active