Sunday, August 28, 2011

Never enough time

As I head off to bed I am thinking about my neighbors and good friends who are going to bed tonight wondering if today was their dog's last day on earth. Their gorgeous, oversized, sweet and gentle, Golden Retriever Cody has declined rapidly in the last month. Tomorrow he goes off to the vet school for a second visit to see what if anything can help him. But I think everyone knows it is a visit that potentially becomes the visit when dear sweet Cody will be helped to cross the Bridge.
Another friend had to put their very young sweet boy to sleep this week after learning he had late stage cancer.
Another friend helped their young Boxer cross the Bridge earlier this summer.
As I peer over and see Bugsy curled into a tight ball breathing heavily with sleep, I am reminded of how short their lives are, how little we know about how they feel, and how deeply we love them.
We had our own scare this summer and as Bugs struggles to fully regain his health I have questioned whether he is truly ok or not. My mind wanders to thoughts of how huge a part of my life he is; our routines, the laughs, the mischief, the angelic sleep (really) and the intense love. I consider the ways in which he has changed our lives, the things he has taught us, and why God decided he was the dog for us.
I worry that I take his being here for granted but with so many people I know having their faithful, loving companions cross the Bridge recently, I take care to appreciate my crazy boy.
Regardless of how long we have our furry babies, it is too short.
My heart and prayers are with my friends this evening, and with all who have lost their pets and especially with those who are contemplating how they will know it is time.
I wish you strength and courage to make the decision that is in your fur babies best interest, it is the last loving thing you do for them on this earth.

Monday, August 1, 2011

when did he develop self control?

We are having work done in the house, significant work, week two of various workmen coming in and out all day long.
Bugsy's behavior has been exemplar. I can hardly believe it LOL
He just hangs out in our TV room behind the baby gate and watches them go in and out of our bedroom at the other end of the hall.
At lunchtime I grab a leash and leash walk him down the stairs (that are covered in plastic) and into the kitchen. At that point I can drop the leash and he just hangs out with me as the men continue to go in and out the front door & work in the driveway. It's open plan so he could go say hi but if I see him consider it I just say no.
"OK Mom"
Whose dog is this?
By evening time he's more apt to need close monitoring as he really, really wants to say hi and only the contractor feels comfortable with the beast. Tonight he did pop up when today's main worker entered the front door and I had to say NO really quickly. The guy looked terrified, meanwhile Bugsy's tail was wagging and he had a mouthful of three rubber bones.
Anyway he's being super cooperative and well behaved and the self-control he is exhibiting is beyond any previous display.
I suppose many of you own dogs with a good level of self control but it isn't one of Bug's strengths.
I'm so pleased with him.
He even left a box turtle alone yesterday when I asked him to.
Always full of surprises :)