Thursday, May 9, 2013

give an inch and he takes 10 miles

Or turn your back and he's gone........

Oh Bugsy, my #1 agent of mischief, nearly 8, repaired knee, elbow, and shoulder yet some things never change.
Relax for a moment and all hell breaks loose.

We have the first sunshine in a couple of weeks this morning so we are all happy.
Bugsy and I went to the lake for his second swim this week.
The lake was a bit like Grand Central Station, loads of people out fishing on boats, boats launching off all pads and two fire engines blowing water.
And us.
He did well and was once again happy to swim. I kept him going until I saw him working really hard with the repaired leg.
Packed it all up and came home.
Knowing he was tired I unloaded him prior to sorting out the boat and stuff and I let him wander the  BACK yard off leash.
I was watching him as I unloaded until Steve began talking to me from a second floor open window. I turned away from Steve and Bugsy was gone.
He'd had about 30 seconds unattended, realized it and disappeared.
I calmly but with plenty of concern went around to the front yard.
Lo and behold, what did I see?

You know the answer.
Yup he was running the wildest, silliest, happiest zoomies imaginable.
Shaking my head.
So there I stood watching, calmly yet sternly saying No! Slow down!
No effect whatsoever.
I stood perfectly still and tried to come up with a solution.
"Come here and you can have a kong!"
A moment of stillness from the Beast.

Bwahahahahahaha I IZ RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He blew past me legs flying in several directions and on into the garage. I got him inside and gave him a kong.

At least it was a gorgeous morning

Ah well we're off to our first acupuncture appointment now anyway.
Not sure how much he liked it but at least he was still enough for the needles to stay in