Friday, August 27, 2010

He's a water dog now!

I've been taking Bugsy swimming about 2x a week and he is loving it more and more.
This summer has been crazy hot so it provides a nice way to exercise that isn't too hot.
He still has a strong interest in the ducks and geese but he has decided that it is loads of fun just to chase his Dokken duck.

Bugsy do you want to go swimming?

OK OK let's go then

Are you paying attention?

Come on let's do a proper retrieve

Forget just have a bit of fun Bugsy!

As you can see he really loves to swim now - amazing from a dog that at first we didn't think COULD swim!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Bugsy..............

I take you for a walk/bike ride/hike or swim daily.
I have done this since the day (December 11, 2005) we brought you home.
Why do you get so excited each and every day for this walk - as if it is the first one you have ever had and you have been desperate for it?
I promise as long as you are healthy enough to do some exercise we WILL do some!
There is no need to spin and whine.
No need to open the closet door and steal socks.
No need to fly down the stairs and bang the door knob to go out.
No need to spin around me licking me while I put my shoes on.
There is especially no need to lick my sunglasses - this only delays the activity because I have to clean them in order to see.

There is also no need to rush down the driveway as if shot from a cannon. You can actually keep your brain attached to your body and WALK
I know walking isn't really your thing, but trust me its good. And you will actually get places faster because we won't have to stop every two feet and wait for you to back up.

So my dear Bugsy please try to relax just a bit - I can still tell you are happy to get out and about without the whining and spinning!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

woohoo this may be significant

I took Bugsy to the lake this morning and worked him hard (he loved every minute of it). He loves swimming for his Dokken duck!

The really important part is that after nearly 45" of swimming sprints and being a goofball jumping up and down in the soreness.

Yup no soreness.
No shoulder tenderness
No groin/psoas soreness
No limping

He has been fine and raring to go all day.
I am very happy
Very, very happy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

so many happenings - so few posts

My bad!
No way I can catch up on it all so I'll talk about some highlights -
or in Bugsy's mind lowlights.
A few weeks ago I went to visit my family in NY leaving him behind with my husband. He loves my husband a whole lot but he misses me terribly when I leave.
Rumor has it Bugsy spent the week under the dining room table, LOL
He'd come out to eat and go back under. It was also a very hot week and I think that is one of the cool spots but he's not been under there much since my return.
Bugsy, Bugsy, Bugsy!

He has also upped his hunting prowess - the week I was gone he found the rabbit's nest and caught the mom and 6 babies.
My husband was completely freaked out and wound up having nightmares. He believes that Bugsy ate at least three of the babies.
So very sad but also part of the cycle of life and a good reminder that dogs are not humans in furry coats.
Bugsy goes and checks that spot daily - just in case they come back or he missed one I suppose.
He also caught three moles last week - he seems very depressed that there aren't any others to catch.
BTW I haven't seen any rabbits in our yard since the massacre either.

The mourning doves better beware as they are some of his favorite prey, at least historically he has released them unharmed.

Another major happening I will write up in a separate post
Apologies to those who check in I will promise to post more regularly!