Saturday, January 22, 2011

The colder it is

the nuttier he is!!

Its been a cold winter and today is a bitterly cold day with a wicked wind. So what does this mean to the dog with super short hair and a nearly naked belly?
It means WOOHOO lets be crazy!!

Seriously he loves the cold. LOVES the cold.

He's been mole hunting, running laps around the yard, trying to eat the bird's suet block that is suspended 9 ft in the air, & chasing crows

He chased a toy that was falling down the stairs - this is a very hair raising experience. Watching a 105lb dog with a mechanical knee trying to catch a falling toy down the stairs is, well not for the faint of heart.

He's fished for cottage cheese that he dropped into his water bowl - talk about a mess!

He's played fetch with his stuffed goose with me and then with himself when I decided it was too cold outside.
Nothing like watching him tossing it in the air only to stalk it and pounce on it, give it the death shake and start again.

Now he is here trying to prevent me from typing so that I will take him for a run.
And you know I will
and so does he :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Life with a bird dog

We won't ever know exactly what mix Bugsy is - he sure seems to have a ton of GSP traits and at times looks like a giant GSP. I will always say whatever he is, he is a bird dog, a pointing or versatile bird dog, not a retriever (although he will retrieve)

I just began reading this book; "Afield: American Writers on Bird Dogs" and when I saw this quote it just rang so true;

"Bird dogs plead with you to imagine the great things you could be doing together. Their delight is a lesson in the bliss of living." Thomas McGuane

That describes my boy to a tee. Heck if you read my description of him on the Daily Zoomie site I talk of his infectious zest for life.

So as far as I am concerned he's just my big old bird dog - obsessed with birds - the bigger the better and all critters large and small.
He awakes he each day with an unmatched enthusiasm.
He implores me to explore the world with him.
Bugsy I enjoy your energy and optimism more than you can know.

Yo mom turn dat TV off and let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How could I refuse

Thursday, January 20, 2011

an interesting walk

Not sure if it was due to yesterday's wonderful 60* weather or what but the dogs in the neighborhood were acting strange today.
We live in a neighborhood with a lot of dogs, acre + lots, and lots of natural areas. There are no sidewalks and all the houses are set a good distance from the road. Except for morning rush hour its like walking in a nice large park.

Fast forward to today as we approached our turnaround point - which is near a house with an elderly beagle and a young lab and a shih tzu. The latter has a habit, although not frequent, of wandering, today it was out aggravating everyone. I heard a bunch of dogs barking in that area but couldn't see anything at first. Then I saw the shih tzu, who decided to angrily charge Bugsy, who was busy sniffing.

The shih tzu, clearly upset that his angry agitated barking wasn't being taken notice of, did a lunge and yap yap. Finally Bugsy looked up, body language soft and unbothered, and seemed to say, "quiet down little one" and he went back to sniffing.
The dumb dog kept at him so he went to sniff it and it took off - his brain clearly changed to "rabbit" "chase it!" Scary moment but I was able to divert him and we went back to walking with the dumb dog following and yapping the whole time.

I found it interesting to watch and quite humorous too as the shih tzu seemed so offended that its efforts to agitate were for naught.

About two miles later we passed a house with a grumpy, intact male GSD, it decided to charge us, complete with nervous tongue flicks. He always tries to assert his dominance over Bugsy and there have been some tense times between the two, so when I saw the GSD coming and it ignoring its owner, I decided that stopping and talking to the GSD was my best option.

The GSD was fairly intense but B was calm and his tail wagged. The GSD was growling and trying to put his head over B's shoulder when the owner (7 mos pregnant) came and got him. B then went over to say hello to the owner and her son, sniffed the GSD's butt (who was still growling) and then marked their mailbox which made me and the GSD's owner laugh.

Another neighbor was out running and saw it all. We caught them up afterward and she was laughing but saying, 'whew thank goodness Bugsy is a sweetheart,' that could have been ugly.

That is very true, I was really proud of the beast today, he has returned to the place he used to inhabit which is a comfortable and confident place.
He is master of his domain :)
Good boy Bugs!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Bugsy..........

why do we have to run up every hill?

why do large birds upset you so?

what factors do you consider before choosing your resting place each night?

Have you ever considered walking up or down stairs?

How does opening the cottage cheese tub wake you from a deep slumber two floors away, yet surround sound action movies blasting away four feet from you have no effect?

What is it about moles?

What is so enjoyable about wandering around in a thunderstorm?

What is with the howling when we go for a walk or run without you?

You know life would be less stressful if you didn't constantly try to predict what was going to happen next.

You will get your 2 meals each day even if you don't come tell me its time.

It grosses me out when you eat cicadas

You would have more toys if you didn't destroy them all as quickly as possible

Lastly, Dear Bugsy, We love you. A lot.
We are so sorry you have bad knees and we will do all that we can to alleviate your pain and get you back to zooming. We know how important zooming is to your affable nature and we enjoy watching you as much as you enjoy doing it. If its time to fix your other knee we'll get it done. asap
Your Humans

Monday, January 10, 2011

Slaying the beast

A few weeks back we met a baby golden-doodle on one of our walks. Although I have some ethical issues with the whole poodle cross craze this is one seriously cute puppy!
We've seen her a few times now out walking and although Bugsy is ever so excited to see her, as soon as her puppy teeth start going after his ears, tail, legs, leash, etc., he moves on - as if to say I have no time for this.

I actually had begun to wonder if his love of puppies was waning. I knew the real test would be off leash.
Fortunately on Saturday we had opportunity to find out and no worries, Bugsy the puppy worshiper is alive and well, LOL.
Once we arrived back to our yard and he was off leash he was my crazy, silly, patient, gentle, puppy-nuts boy.


She became a bit concerned about everything and rushed over and sat with her owner. He play-bowed over and over until she mimicked his play-bow and off they went. She began quite timidly but he encouraged her and she became more and more playful.

Here she is having slayed the beast

It was fascinating to watch. And also loads of fun.
Every once in a while he would just take off zooming - as if to let off steam from having to be so controlled in his play with her.


A few times she tried to zoom with him - now THAT was funny.

When we decided it was time for them to part - she sat and tried to refuse to go and he whined - "no don't take my puppy away!"

I'm sure that it was the first of many play dates.
My boy is very lucky to have so many friendly dogs to play with and so many girls to love!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from the Bugsmeister

Bugsy has given us a wonderful gift one that we knew, but not one that was so evident as it was over the last 24 hours.
Apparently walking your dog every day for over 5 years helps you not only to meet people but to make friends. Good friends.
We live in a nice community that has only two exits so you will be seen out there by the same people and you will walk past the same homes day after day. Everyone waves and I always wave back. I, at times, rue the same ol', same ol' routine; but today I realize how fortunate we are.
You see this New Year's we spent with a variety of people all of which we know because of those daily jaunts with Mr. Social, aka Bugsy.
After going into town for a bit we came back to the 'hood and stopped at a friend's house uninvited. We knew they were home and that it would be fine. It was better than fine and we all appreciated the friendship forged five years ago when Bugsy and their dog were pups. The pups played regularly and to this day have a love/affection/relationship (It looks like love to me but who knows) unparalleled. Unfortunately now they don't play very often but amazingly if her humans visit here he looks for her and when we go there she looks for him. Brought together to play, its always pure joy for the dogs and for the humans who witness it.

Then we went to another friend's - we were invited this time LOL. These are the owner's of Bugsy's current regular playmate. Her owner is out walking about the same time I am most mornings, so we went from walking them together to allowing them to romp off leash in our yard. Now its an every Sunday event. I bet we've known them for nearly 2 years now, and we consider them good friends.

We finished off our New Year's celebrations with a wonderful brunch hosted by another family who we met through Bugsy. Bugsy was a regular play mate for their boxer pup two years ago and time has developed my relationship with the boxer's owner even though health issues for Bugsy and the boxer have all but eliminated their contact.
Many of the guests at the brunch were also residents of the community - some I know by name because they have stopped over the years to say hi to Bugsy and I, others I only know by face and they only know me as the lady with the big black dog.

So Bugsy, thanks mate, and happy new year to you too.
Oh and apologies for visiting all your doggie friends and their humans without you, but please don't hold it against us. We'll be out walking tomorrow too.