Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Bugsy is not my running partner

I often get asked why I don't take Bugsy running with me, the answer is very simple.
Because of these

(a fox we encountered this morning and on the way back we saw that she has a litter on the ground)

and because of these

and of course these

well and these

You can easily add deer, rabbits (before the fox ate them all), snakes, lizards, turtles, robins, & doves to this list. He moved past squirrels ages ago LOL

This morning on our post-run walk we encountered the fox pictured above, then shortly afterward some low flying geese went overhead squawking loudly, then some crows were chasing a red shouldered hawk all flying only 20 or so feet high, a rabbit scrambled out from an overgrown forsythia, a cat was under a bird feeder (GRRRRRRRRRR) and on our way home we passed the fox again this time noticing that there are a litter of cubs who were merrily playing.

So that is why Bugsy is not my running partner, besides its no good for his knees