Saturday, August 29, 2009

ooooooooooooooh Bugsy

Whew this dog has more nervous energy than any living being should have to carry around with them!
The poor guy has some sort of soft tissue injury to his right hind leg so we have been 'resting' him. UGH! That has been hard enough but now we have a house guest for the next two weeks.
You really can't imagine 107lbs of intense, frenetic energy that hasn't had an outlet in a week. Trust me, you just can't. And my poor house guest is allergic to dogs. Fortunately Bugsy is a low allergen dog (short single coat, no discernible smell) so the guest isn't suffering too badly.
Unfortunately Bugsy is obsessed with the desire to lick the allergic guest. This is where it all becomes insane.
Bugsy is not easily swayed from what it is he wants to do. In fact it is darn near impossible to do so, so all three of us adults are doing all that we can to remind him that he isn't to lick the guest.
If you were keeping score you would probably say Bugsy is winning LOL
But since he isn't licking him right now I think we've won ha ha ha
I tell you this dog is exhausting, we laugh about it but seriously he wears humans out left and right.
Send us some 'stick with it he's only a dog' vibes because my persistent, intense and frenetic mutt isn't going to give in. I can assure you of that

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bugsy couldn't have said it better

Ben Stein on how to deal with the recession

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keep pets on the patio at public places - write a letter please!!

Ugh just when Raleigh was getting a wonderful, dog friendly, cosmopolitan feel the clearly under worked powers that be at the Food Protection Branch are 'reinterpreting a rule' and want to ban dogs from accompanying their owners at outdoor dining facilities.
What a huge step backwards!!!
To me it reeks of someone within the department or someone with influence in the department who hates dogs.
Seriously do they have so little work that they need to find work?
If so in this time of severe budget crises let's transfer these bored workers to a department that is running on the skin of their teeth!

But more importantly what can you do?
Well you can write to the idiot in charge:
Larry Michael
Food Protection Branch
NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
1632 mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1632

Even if you are not local we would appreciate you writing a letter in - it would be a terrible shame for Wake County to allow this to happen. All the coolest hangouts allow dogs on the patio.
Just when we were getting cool............
Here's the original link

Saturday, August 15, 2009

rolling rolling rolling

As a dog owner I am confident that you have often wished your dog could talk. Why do you run zoomies after a poop? Why do chew my shoe when you have three chew toys lying next to you? How come you don't like that dog? They seem perfectly fine to me.

Today's question I would like to ask is, "why do you love to roll on your back?"
He loves to do this and does it every morning and usually in the afternoon.
Some photographic evidence.

It seems to feel really good but often there is more to it than that - he looks at you while upside down with this quizzical look. Then stands up and shakes his head flapping his ears enthusiastically. I don't know what it is all about but I would like to know.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bugsy and his Orbee

Bugsy loves to remove treats from anything you put them in, but most things - like a Kong, are too easy.
So a while ago we started to use his large Orbee ball as a treat ball. We put various things in there, all larger than the whole.
Initially it took a little time for him to remove the treat. Now he does it so fast that on the first instance I missed it with the video entirely - and that one was tough.
It had a liver cube AND a Wellness treat bar in it.

I made a huge production of loading the second attempt - I think he was faster getting it out than I was putting it in.
Ah well. I am sure we kind find something even more challenging :-)

it's a good thing he is cute!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I've been very busy!

Wow have I been having a lot of fun these days. Wish it wasn't so hot then I could have even more fun but I have still been making the best of it.
I don't know how I've gotten so lucky by my friend Izzy has been coming by a lot. We only play for a bit each time but still it is so fun. Then I walk her part of the way home on my walk. It is so fun!!
Then my friend Ace, who my mom says looks a lot like Izzy, came to stay across the road. He doesn't live there but he visits several times a year. So Ace and I have been playing too! One day Cody, who does live across the road, came to play with us. All he really wants is to say hi and then get petted by the humans. I think he is glad that Ace comes and bothers me. But it isn't a bother to me it is FUN!

Yesterday on my walk I saw Carl and I just ran as fast as I could to catch him. My mom human was saying "slow down" but I couldn't. I had to see Carl. Carl is very silly he likes to roll in the grass. One minute we were both smelling something very interesting next thing he was rubbing himself all over the grass where we smelled that good stuff. Strange.
My mom wasn't too pleased though. So we left Carl and then I walked kind of nice. Ha ha then I smelled one of my favorite humans, owner of my original sweetie Bella, and I ran as fast as I could again. My mom wasn't too happy but I was so very happy to see Bella's human. I miss them.

After all this I did need a good sleep, that was a lot of playing over the last few days. So I slept most of today.
When I woke up to eat I heard my human say, "I want to come back as a dog". I wonder why she said that?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dog first aid kits.......

I always grab a dedicated bag that I put together as Bugsy's emergency kit when we go out somewhere (well other than for our morning walk here in the neighborhood). He is so active and we go out on trails and to rivers and lakes that come equipped with poisonous snakes, slippery rocks and goodness knows what else that I felt a little better having some medical supplies at the ready.
Please consider putting one together for your dog, here are some tips from DogAge, you can find more info by doing a simple search for dog first aid kits.
One thing no one should travel without but isn't listed here is Benadryl, you should have both liquid and capsules at the ready. The liquid is absorbed faster but impossible to use for big dogs like Bugsy because the dose is so small.
For reference Benadryl should be dosed at 1-2mg per pound of body weight. The 2mg/lb is the emergency dose.

What's In Your Pooch's First-Aid Kit?
Originally published on August 06, 2009
Like parents tending to kids' skinned knees, most dog owners will occasionally have to nurse their pets' scrapes, scuffs, or other minor injuries. Yep, accidents happen. But you can make such mishaps more manageable by following the old scouting motto: Be prepared. That means having a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand at all times. Don't have one? Pick up a waterproof plastic box, and stock it with these essentials:
1. Vital Stats -- Write down your dog's name, breed, and date of birth; any medical conditions and allergies he has; and any medications he's taking (including doses). If he's been microchipped, jot down the number. Also include your home address and phone number; your vet's name and phone number; and your emergency vet clinic's phone number.

2. Important Records -- Make photocopies of important health records, including vaccinations, and seal them in a plastic bag inside your kit.

3. Basic Supplies -- Fill the rest of your kit with alcohol wipes, gauze, cotton balls, nonstick bandages, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, adhesive tape, cotton swabs, tweezers, an eyedropper, hand sanitizer or soap, a digital thermometer, a pair of latex gloves, and a tube of both topical first-aid cream and antibiotic ointment.

Also, look into taking a pet first-aid class. After all, learning how to handle accidents is the best way to help your dog live younger.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My buddy got neutered today

My buddy Campbell got neutered today. I'm not sure what that means my mom says I was neutered when I was 10 weeks old or so, the life of a shelter dog you see. Whatever. I don't know any different.
But Campbell had to wait until he got his heart medicine stabilized and they needed to make a special plan so it was a safe procedure. The good news is everything went very well. We can't play for about 10 days but we've done that before so we'll make it. Ha ha I bet he drives his humans and the dachshunds crazy by this time next week.

What made it especially important he got neutered is because he has a bad heart. Boxers are prone to something called cardiomyopathy and it is important that boxers with it don't breed more boxers with it.
If you have a boxer now you can get them tested to see if they carry the gene for this disease here's more info on that boxer genetic test
Boxers and some other breeds like Dobermans should also get something called Holter tests
Campbell has had two of those tests already, he has to wear a special vest:

We like it when he wears his vest because we have to play when he wears it - the doctors need to see what his heart does when we play.

Most everyone should get their dog spayed (females) or neutered (males) there are way too many dogs in the world, hundreds of thousands of which get euthanized each year.

So save some lives and get your dog fixed. If Campbell can deal with the surgery so can you! You'll be back playing again soon enough!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dog days of August

well let me tell you this, whoever called these the 'dog days' of August sure wasn't a dog! Wow is it hot and humid too. Everything is wet and the air is thick. Yuck.
I try to wake my humans up real early so we can exercise before the sun comes up, but they are lazy and sleep all the way until 6:15!!! Whew too hot by then.
It is much better to go to the lake when it is so hot but I need to walk around my neighborhood to check out what is happening too!
I mean I've been walking around here since I was a wee pup, I need to know who has been out and about and what they've been eating, etc.
You understand don't you?
Anyway we do the rounds and today I lucked out and did them once with mom and then again with dad. Zowie this black fur is a bit much in this weather!!

My humans make sure I have nice cool water to drink when I get back and if it is real bad they cool me off with the hose. I pretend I don't like that but I do like being cooler. Sometimes mom takes a wet rag and cools my ears, under my arms, my belly and my paws. Another thing my humans do is wet me down completely before we set off that keeps me cool longer too. Bad thing is when I am so hot, I have to wait ages to get my breakfast so I don't get sick they say.

Just a reminder to all you humans out there if you take your dog out in this weather make it real early or real late.
No full sun for us in the heat. You try it with a fur coat on and tell me how you feel!
If your dog is older or overweight or not 100% healthy cut the walks shorter and may be do two.
Or take us swimming if you can.
Never leave us in a car that isn't running with the AC on - we can die quickly in the car in the sun.
Alright try to stay cool and dream about the nice cool mornings to come!

edit to add this link from Blue Buffalo on keeping your dog cool

edit for another update from Ruff wear