Thursday, December 31, 2009

Great news to bring in the new decade!

Bugsy got great news from the surgeon the other day - his bones are healed!! He can increase exercise and in three weeks we can start some off leash activity -

He seems to realize that he has been semi-freed and is joyous and impish 24/7!

This morning we had a nice walk by the lake and up and down a hill. His nose was to the ground the entire time, the look on his face - when he looked up - was priceless.
He is clearly overwhelmed the the scents of nature, he appears to be on opiates, and his brain is engaged with nothing else. No command is effective, he has no sense that he is 'owned' or being walked. He's just out there doing what he loves to do. He gives me this, um hello I need to go THAT way, expression when we have a difference of opinion on direction.
Despite having aching shoulders now it is so incredible to see him doing what he loves to do again. Its been a long road. A road some day we may need to traverse again for his other knee but for now we will all rejoice in seeing my crazy, wild child dog being who he is!

Happy New Year everyone! May it be your best year yet!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Note to self............

Don't give a dog a stuffie that has little beads in it LOL
Bugsy was full of the devil earlier and needed an outlet so I gave him the last of the stashed stuffies, which of course had a very short life. It was a cute little bear that had some beads in the butt I suppose to make it more stable when sitting.
When I went to check on what beastie was doing I found little plastic beads all over the place. They were contained in a little pouch but he had opened the pouch and clearly enjoyed slinging it. Gulp.

I am glad though that he doesn't eat the innards of stuffies and I am also glad that he could care less what I do when he is 'playing' with his toy. He was lying there finishing off the little bear while I was lifting his paws trying to clean up all the little beads.

He's a good boy most of the time ha ha ha

In other news we had a great walk by the lake yesterday, said hi to a pretty yellow lab today, and I was able to squash an attempted zoomie!!

Tomorrow we have his 8 week xrays!!! Wish us luck

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day!

I am so thrilled as it isn't long before xrays now and that hopefully will mean we can increase activities. Bugsy is so happy and lively of late, one can't help but smile in his presence.
He got a Gingerbread House hide a toy for Christmas and he likes it

I had to pull it away at the end because he was beginning to chew it - that is instant death for stuffies!

He also got to go on a short walk in a field which was filled with things to smell!

Hope your holidays were fun!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

can he please stop hurting now?

Just a quick post to say that I am tired of seeing my boy limping. Seems everyday he does something at some point that causes him to limp. It usually passes but it is so sad to see over and over and over.
Lord let the pain become a much less frequent for my boy. He just wants to be happy and free again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He's been discharged

Its official Bugsy has been discharged from rehab. Save our souls now because getting to expend energy there has been a lifesaver for us. For example he has whined all morning but once he gets back from rehab he'll make nary a sound until tomorrow some time. He is so very pent up we try to be patient but it isn't easy.

Thank you Michelle for loving the slobbery boy. Your hard work has clearly helped him more than anything else!

One week from today and we will have done our 8 weeks xrays and know how he is doing. Very exciting!

OK off to enjoy some peace and quiet

Monday, December 21, 2009

hill workouts day 1

Bugsy has been doing very well with his 1/2 mile walks so today after taking yesterday off, we drove to a long hill and went up and down it a couple of times interspersed with a walk in the field near the lake.
I've noticed that when his nose takes over he walks very evenly, as if he forgets he has a bad leg, I imagine that is good for him.
He was certainly happy to be out in the open air doing what he does best - sniffing!


A real nuisance for me but we have to keep working on his recovery. I wonder if he knows how loved he is?

Friday, December 18, 2009


After a long and vigorous chew on his antler he decided he needed to go out for a poop or a pretend one as it turned out to be. Guess he just wanted to check out the sleet!

After dragging DH out into this awful weather, just to have a mooch around he came back inside and launched into major zoomies, leaping over the baby gate and running up and down the stairs and then down the hardwood hallway and tiled kitchen
I believe he didn't slip and that his knee is still intact.
I however nearly had a stroke.
He is now sleeping so innocently I can hardly believe he is the dog that was a lunatic earlier.

Two more weeks and then 8 more of restricted activity - pray for us please [:S]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 weeks post-TPLO

We just returned from our second to last rehab session (we signed up for 10)
and he is doing really well. We were surprised that there is a significant
difference in thigh muscle because he has done well all along and he is very
muscular and it LOOKS similar. (about 5 cm's difference)
His range of motion is full and was 12 days post op so no surprise there.

We started doing 1/2 mile walks the end of last week and for the first time did
back to back walks meaning yesterday and today. He also gets several shorter
walks during the day.
Today he had a 1/2 mile walk, two extended potty walks, and a full rehab session
of four 4-minute sessions on the underwater treadmill which was set at an
incline and some hurdle walking to force him to lift his leg properly. And he
is perfectly fine no limp at all.
It did however contribute to some afternoon sleepiness


The hardest part now is staying controlled for at least another two weeks (for x
rays)as Bugsy who has been fairly cooperative with all the restrictions, is now
completely fed up.
I'm going to have to be at my most creative

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

well what an interesting day

early this morning I decided to bring Bugsy upstairs - like he used to be while I worked in the office. He was thrilled and took up residence looking out his favorite window. And then he saw my husband returning from his walk. He - as he always does - got extremely excited. I tried to calm him down and had him sitting next to me and then WHACK!!
He jump turned and his snout hit me HARD in the nose. I thought is was busted but it only seemed to be bloodied. He of course hadn't noticed that he'd hit anything.

Later at rehab he in a fit of - yes once again - excitement he lunged and knocked the present we had for his therapist to the floor and SMASH it broke.

Then in a move none of us could sufficiently describe he decided to leap up onto his back legs while in the water tank. This caused a tsunami to come over the side and soak me.

Really it has been an interesting day.

In other news we have two more sessions of rehab left. We will both miss going but I especially think Bugsy is going to miss it. He loves all the ladies especially his therapist and the vet student and he seems so much better after we leave. Today he did 4 minute sessions on an uphill and just loved it. We did a few more 'cavaletti's' (sp?) and he thinks that's grand too.
What has been fascinating to me is how much better he walks and moves after he's been. I hope that I can find a way to replicate that here at home.
This has seriously helped his rehab both physically and mentally

Monday, December 14, 2009

uh oh he is getting very frustrated with all this

My little (OK not so little) Bugsy has been giving us some very strange behaviors of late. Clearly we are dealing with boredom and frustration at a high level. Tonight I saw him inspecting a small Christmas tree in our living room. Its one of those that is pre-decorated and you plug it in and wala it is pretty. He was giving the ornaments a once over and then I saw him doing something he has never done. He was showing interest in the cord. Likely it was the label on the cord but still very concerning.
His behavior on the leash is appalling - as bad or worse as it was as a pup. He zones out and could care less about your existence. He pulls like a freight train.
He is having temper tantrums if he thinks we are going somewhere 'good' without him. This might be for a walk or to rehab or who knows. This morning he screamed in his crate for about an hour and all I was doing was putting flags out in the yard marking his invisible fence - which he has lost all knowledge of. He refused to settle down even after I was done so I put him in the car 10 minutes before we needed to go to the vet.
I could go on but I won't.
It is sad for him in some ways and disheartening for me in many ways. I look at him some times and think 'my goodness not even 6 weeks and all his prior training is out the window'.
Tomorrow is two weeks until our xrays and if all is good we should be able to start doing more exercise and reduce some restrictions.
I need to find a renewed energy to get my overgrown, overly excited, independent, bull headed Bugsy behaving properly. Wow I am exhausted thinking about it

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today was my 'gotcha day'

Today was the 4th anniversary of the day I picked my humans out, went home with them and then determined that their 'pad' would work for me. House is a decent size, everyone seemed to eat well, sun comes in the front door, and a nice big yard. Yup I'll stay!

I think I lucked out with these humans (other than they still haven't gotten me a sibling) and they seem to love me a lot so I guess they feel lucky too!

The really big news was that today I had my first decent walk in what feels like a million years! We went about 1/2 mile and mom kept saying 'slow' and 'don't pull' but I didn't listen. Couldn't. I was busy smelling things and taking in the world!
Phew that was good!

The other best part of my day was getting homemade cheesy biscuits in the mail!
num num they are good. I hope there is more than the one, my mom seemed to hide them away some where. I also hope dad doesn't eat them. He likes cheese almost as much as I do!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scent Discrimination day 1

As I have reported previously I am doing clicker training with Bugsy to try and use up some mental energy which he finds very enjoyable.
Last night I decided we would try some very simple scent discrimination using sticky notes. I watched a video online and supporting info and felt prepared.
I got my sticky notes and donned a golf glove to use for the non-scented note. The scented note I rubbed on me and used my bare hand to manipulate. Got the clicker and got some treats. OK bud lets give it a try.
As always he got VERY excited. There was much whining and throwing of behaviors - and I do mean THROWING of behaviors.
And then he touched the scented sticky - click/treat.
From there his excitement grew. I was please thinking, "By golly he's got this!"
And then the not wholly unexpected occurred
He ate the sticky note.
The End.
That's my boy :-)

Now I will have to come up with an idea for objects I can use that he can't eat.

Monday, December 7, 2009

things are really moving forward now!

Its been a big week for Bugsy boy.
We decided it was time to have him upstairs with us in the evening which he was joyful about, really joyful. And so were we! It is wonderful to have him with us at night again.
He goes up the stairs quite easily but down feels precarious, must be careful and slow!

He continues to make excellent progress at rehab and seems to enjoy it. At least he really, really wants to go there. I never get the idea that he loves the tank but what do I know?

In other updates he is moving very well. I swear this morning you wouldn't have been able to tell he had surgery. Boggles the mind, mine anyway :-)

We have been doing clicker training every day to occupy his mind which is lots of fun. He loves a bit of training and is very enthusiastic.
Um yea I know he is fairly enthusiastic about everything!

We tried some boots but first go wasn't very good. We'll try some more but then we'll have to decided whether we would use them or not. It was hysterical to watch him try and figure out what was going on LOL Wish I could video it!

Also we had a near 'oops' when his buddy Carl happened to be in the cul de sac when we went out for a walk. It was quite funny in that Bugsy started whining and Carl laid down waiting for his buddy to arrive. I had to shout to Carl's owner that we couldn't play due to surgery. Then I tried to move beastie to the back yard and she tried to move Carl from the cul de sac but he had laid down and wouldn't get up.
Funny and sad all at the same time.

Lastly we are going for short walks around the yard a few times a day now. He is thrilled to be out and about and it is good to see him doing what he is meant to do - patrol and sniff.
"I iz back", I can hear him shout to the squirrels and birds, "just you wait!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm really starting to hate this regime!

So says Bugsy.
Poor guy just wants to be free again. Guess what Bugs? We want you to be free again too. We've battled the zoomies all week and we have a strong return of whining just because he can't do what he wants to do. We have to hold strong for a minimum of another four weeks, for his sake.
We did allow him upstairs one night and likely will start doing that from time to time. It was a treat for all of us.

Now if it would just stop raining here we might all smile a bit more

Monday, November 30, 2009

I gots to zooooooooooom!

oh holy poop every gray hair I have can be blamed on this mutt! We went to rehab and he got tired out, then he had a raw meal with much bone chewing to tire him out. Well I took him out he did his business and boy oh boy did he go for it.


no you don't


no you don't, enough! settle down and go slow


put him inside take the leash off and off he went. Way off!

Ran through the expen and over the coffee table, tail tucked
"sometimes ya gots ta ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM"

I can't stop him, help.

went on for about 5 minutes we would corner him get him in a down and try to get him to relax, he'd just be there ready to launch and then do so

He's now curled up in a ball, sleeping like an innocent angel

as funny as it was, it wasn't!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

wow some days this really hurts

I am deeply and utterly sad today. I think the whole TPLO process is just kicking my butt, I knew eventually the dark reality would hit. Seems that day is today.
Bugsy has been doing so well through the recuperation process that a false sense of 'this isn't too bad' came over all of us.
But then we had the problems with the Rimadyl and stopped it. Then last night he was limping. Limping as badly as he did the first few days. My heart broke.
I considered giving another Rimadyl but couldn't find it in myself to intentionally rip up his healing GI tract but goodness did I want to stop his pain.
I have started a homeopathic Traumeel that has strong reviews and recommendations so I gave another of those but I am unsure it did anything.
So he is back on tighter restrictions today and likely for this week.
And to think we are not halfway to the 8 week x ray and not yet a quarter of the way through the whole process.
Send me some strength folks, thanks.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bugsy is allergic to turkey but that has never decreased his interest in the lovely roast bird, as you can see below -

That picture was taken when he was still a free boy :-(
This year he had a rough time. We did our best to contain him for his own good but he loves the people that were here and he whined and cried for ages. Hours. Many hours.
Eventually after over five hours of crying and whining he fell asleep. Deeply asleep.
All of us breathed a sigh of relief.

In other news he has had a terrible time with Rimadyl so he is off that now, he doesn't appear to have pain issues and I hope that the lack of anti-inflammatory doesn't cause any problems. Send a good thought our way, OK?

He had two rehab sessions last week and he is making great progress. He went from (4) 1.5 minute sessions on his first visit to (6) 2 minute sessions and work on an exercise ball on his third visit. I wish my fitness level improved so quickly, LOL.

He isn't too keen on the fish tank though as you can see

We'll keep doing it though.

He is now sleeping calmly in the sunshine, he's such a good boy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I thought he would be tired?

Today was a big day in Bugsy's rehabilitation. He had his first laser treatment and also his first underwater treadmill exercise. He did really well and was surprisingly OK with being in a fish tank with a moving floor!
His therapist is very sweet and picked up on a simple technique to motivate and distract him; ask for kisses LOL.
He kindly lifted his leg for her to massage - loves the luxuries of life this dog - and despite being slightly spooked by the sounds and by random (in his mind) starting and stopping of the floor he just got on with it.
Amazingly he showed no discomfort today and he also was clearly energized by the opportunity to exercise - definitely not exhausted.
I am so happy with how things have been going - I recognize there is a LONG way to go but so far his recovery is way beyond my imagination.
It is two weeks today that he had his surgery and despite having to be so much more involved with his activities I miss him. I miss getting the newspaper with him in the morning, exercising with him and most of all I miss having him asleep next to me at night.
I hate thinking this way but you know I haven't any idea how I will live without him. Long may he live

Sunday, November 15, 2009

oh boy, oh boy , MY boy is feeling good!

I think the hard part of this process has hit us hard this weekend. Bugsy my boy is feeling very well. He still limps, sometimes badly, but his joie de vivre and mischievous soul his back. He's done with the anti-biotics and tomorrow morning is the end of the sedatives. He wants to do all the things he loves to do. Sigh. But I know it isn't in his best interest to do so. He must rest. I see much crate time ahead.
I say this with sadness. You all know I love this dog and one of the things I love most is this joie de vivre and deeply embedded mischief so now that I see it back and I want my buddy back. I want him back bad. But he isn't back and I and he will survive. I'm sure we will have some times where we both slip up but I pray that they aren't bad slip-ups = damaging slip-ups.
I know that the day I can put away the ex-pen and he joins us upstairs for the night will be wonderful times.
Some people will never understand how you can love a dog so much, honestly I can't explain it but I can tell you I love this beast more than I thought possible. I need to be strong and show tough love until he is healed. I would appreciate you sending me some strength.

Friday, November 13, 2009

He's feeling better - let the fun begin

Uh oh Bugsy is feeling better. He is still sleeping most of the day and he still has times of serious pain but trust me he is feeling better.
This morning he made an escape from his room to the kitchen and looked back at me like 'caught you snoozing!'. So we are going to have to get a bit more serious in our containment efforts.
He also was limber enough for somersaults and pouncing on his kong. He may now have to be solely restricted to 'his room' as he doesn't have room for those sort of antics in there.

At other times though he is so desperate for human contact it makes me sad. He has never been a dog that cuddles but now he tries to sit on me or even funnier tries to curl up on my lap. Earlier he was doing the latter and found a comfy spot and was making a sound as if he were purring. I was glad to appease him for a bit.
In the evenings he often just whines while he lay there, and his leg shakes. I know he is in serious pain at that point and it stinks to not be able to do anything about it. Usually he is like that for about an hour before he gets his next dose of pain medication.

I feel certain we have done the right thing for him long term but I admit that when I hear him whining and his leg is shaking I feel awful.
Send my poor boy some loving OK? He's a big fella but he is just a baby. And he sure doesn't know what happened to him.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well it is 1 week tomorrow!!

Bugsy is healing very well. Most of the swelling is gone, the incision still looks very good and he continues to use the leg. You can tell when the pain meds wear off but otherwise he is doing well.
We have discovered that he really doesn't like the e-collar aka cone of shame, but he must wear it when unattended because he is starting to be interested in the wound.
Yesterday my DH came home after a week away - so he left before the surgery - and Bugsy was way too excited to see him. This presented our biggest challenge thus far. This dog is a vigorous wiggle butt when happy and it's a pretty large butt!
Our next challenge arrived in the form of Tropical Storm Ida which is dumping huge amounts of rain on us. So now I have a livelier, 105lb, 3 legged dog to escort with one good arm on wet ramps and flooded grounds. He of course doesn't want to 'do his business' in the swamp but we can't walk the whole yard to find a pseudo dry spot. ARGH!
Not fun. The mud, the wind, the rain, IT'S COLD! And Mr. Prissy Pants looking for just the right spot.
Someday when he is running zoomies again splashing through puddles at will, perhaps I will laugh at this time. Perhaps.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

day 3 post TPLO - no more bandage

Wow taking the bandage off was a tough job - poor guy lost even more hair and it was really stuck on in some spots.
He does seem to be feeling better, which means when we went out to do his business he wanted to trot about the yard. Um not for another few weeks bud!
After several visits and much aggravation he finally peed and had his first poop. In the 'my dog has had a TPLO' circle that first poop is real important.
I have now drugged him sufficiently and he is asleep in his crate. I am not going to let him out until much later. His ankle is fairly swollen and I want him to rest as much as possible.
I knew this was going to be tough but I am already exhausted. Having a suspected torn rotator cuff isn't helping - I mean it is tough enough to move around a 105lb dog with two healthy arms. When one is in constant searing pain it is really tough!
So I think it is time for me to take a muscle relaxant and try to calm my shoulder/neck.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 days post TPLO

Well I am not sure who was happier me to see him or him to see me, I can say we were both very happy.
Bugsy did well and I am happy to report that his knee had no additional damage which is good news. The girls all fell in love with him and as always were wondering just what sort of mix he is, LOL one tech said may be he is part Angus steer?
He has been good since coming home but he doesn't want to pee. He didn't go while there and has been once since coming home. I know he can hold it for ages but it would make me feel better if he would go!
He is eating fine and drinking occasionally (which is his norm)
This morning the bandage had some blood on it but my vet said a small amount is OK. The pain killers seem to put him to sleep so that is great. The poor guy was quivering this morning I presume from pain
I have been putting hot compresses on as instructed and giving him lots of loving. Poor guy sure doesn't seem to know what happened to him.
Hopefully when his recovery is complete and he is running pain-free it will all seem worth it.

a few pictures

Monday, November 2, 2009

TPLO is now looming

In just a few short days Mr. Bugsy will be having his surgery.
I have set up 'his room' with his crate and a bed and lots of non-slip rugs. There is a large sofa in there for me to sleep on those first few nights.
We have a ramp for going outside and I am going to create a small outside pen, which will be easier than trying to keep him on leash for 'his business'.
Today I stopped his supplements because some can apparently slow the clotting process.
For the record this boy get fish oil with Vitamin E (if you give the former you must give the latter). He also gets Vitamin A, MSM, glucosamine, Chondroitin, Nutri-joint and sometimes Vit D, acidophilus, Vit C, milk thistle, and coconut oil.
LOL now that I look at it no wonder he is so hearty!
Some of the above we started to deal with his allergies which have become much more moderate since starting thyroid supplementation.

I guess everything is ready. I talk to him each time I see him limp and tell him we are getting it fixed. Although the first weeks will be worse than he is now the idea is that he will be running pain free this summer and beyond.
I am totally committed to taking rehab slowly and getting him back to his full muscular self. I understand that we need to carefully work him so as not to over stress the other leg.

I will try to put some more light-hearted posts on here again, just difficult at the moment. He still makes me laugh each and every day with his fine sense of humor but I find myself feeling sad that it will be a long time until he is 'free' again.
So apologies for he gloominess and I promise to report his progress as well as share our laughs!

Monday, October 19, 2009

and we begin week 2, changes ahead

I am fully resigned to surgery at this point and to the TPLO procedure - so I am allowing him some activity so that his muscles remain strong but we are still not allowing him his normal freedom and he remains on no walks.
He is getting much more comfy in his crate which is wonderful to see - he's still awfully happy to get out of his crate but often goes in just to relax.

I'll be calling the surgeon's office today to get a bit more information and consider some dates.

In the mean time we have had a great weekend as always full of laughs.
Love this dog and his insane sense of humor

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 1 of increased containment

OK we really didn't have much luck with on leash only full containment. And I have vacillated between we are heading to surgery no matter what to does he really need surgery at all?
When I lean towards the former I think he should be able to do some things that after surgery he will absolutely not be able to do for months and months. I do not want him to lose too much muscle prior to the surgery so i allow him some activity.

I have spoken to umpteen people, rehab vets, owners who have put their dogs through the surgery, educated others and pretty much anyone that will listen. It really does seem that the TPLO surgery is in our future how near to the present is another thing but it sure seems likely we will have to surgically repair his leg.
So I have kept him from the stairs until evening time when he likes to be in the same room as us to watch TV and I have restricted his time outside to mainly bodily functions and a little supervised searching. He has been crated at some point each day and his meals have been partly dispensed via treat ball.

The result


He is a donkey on the edge.

His behaviors are like when he was a pup, he is mouthier, more crazy in the house, his mischief level is HIGHER, he is pushier, etc.

When outside he is on the prowl all the time and ready to guard. He whines so much outside that the mockingbirds can be heard mimicking his whine.

Basically it is no fun and Bugsy says, "someone come free me!"

I say, give me some guidance and support to do the right thing for my boy. I know that many dogs don't have the freedom he has on his restricted regime but he isn't a normal dog. We spent a long time getting to a place where he was happy to play by our rules and that included him have a significant amount of freedom within our constraints. As we are increasing the constraints and reducing his freedom he unsurprisingly is becoming less compliant.
And this is the beginning.........................

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 1 of conservative management

Well I have begun Bugsy's FULL restriction today and I have to tell you that this feels terrible. He is very confused and seems to think that he has done something wrong. I go from feeling sure that this is worth a shot to I am wasting a month of his life and allowing the muscles to atrophy.
It really stinks.
I moved his crate back to the main floor and it is in our living room. He was curious about it and checked it out without being asked. I bit ago he went in and I closed the door. His eyes went wide - whoa mom this was OK open but I don't really like it too much closed.

Please think of us and send some healing vibes for the beast. I so want this to work so we can avoid surgery and have months of this. If it doesn't work I will feel bad that I rested him for no reason. Sigh. I do know there are much bigger issues to deal with but I am sad about this. My crazy zooming boy deserves better.
doesn't he look happy?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good news, bad news

As those of you who follow this blog know, poor Bugsy has been limping on and off for nearly two months. Yesterday after all else failed I took him in for x-rays and an orthopedic consult. I will admit to fearing the worst and suspecting that he had bad hips and that his life was about to change.
Well the good news is that his hips are wonderfully healthy. He does however have a tear in the ACL of his right knee. I am researching the options and understand that he will have to have surgery and a long rehabilitation period. During this rehab period I will happily hire him out so if any of you would like to provide a nice soft bed for him, I will pack up some food and send him your way LOL
Did I mention that his activity will be completely restricted to bodily functions? Yikes.
So today I am starting some restrictions, for example I put a gate across the stairs as he isn't to do the stairs very often. He is so out of sorts already. So pray for him, pray for us because the months ahead are going to be tough.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I really do wonder...........

what is going on in his doggie brain. He always seems to be a dog on a mission.
At times it is a serious mission as in "who has been in my yard?"
Other times it is just a scent in the air
that causes him to come to attention

I don't know but he always has this sense of purpose.
It is most disturbing when he is in the house and gets this 'sense of purpose'.
It is to the point that when he heads upstairs in the morning and we are downstairs we look at each other like 'uh oh'.
Because of his size we can hear him going from room to room, searching, apparently for just the right thing.

He rarely fails to live up to our concerns, as he often returns with a gleam in his eyes, an object or three in his mouth and his tail upright and wagging.

So I ask you, how does he select his objects; a remote, a shoe, some glasses, a magazine, a jar of lip ointment, a foam earplug, a sales receipt, or something from DH's desk, etc.?

What is happening in his little head as he goes from room to room? I know that we will never know but I'll always wonder.
Same for when he is laying near us in the porch and bolts upright, nose to the breeze. Then off he goes. Exploring, investigating all over again.

I will say that sometimes he is fairly innocent (although still working)

He is a busy dog, with purpose, well until it is time to rest.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I can crawl!!!

A couple of weeks ago I happened to take Bugsy to Petsmart and they offered us a free 30 minute training session. Since I am always looking for new things and techniques and in this time in which we are 'resting' him, we really need to keep his mind going so we said, "SURE!"
Today was the day - we were scheduled with Niki in Garner, NC 919-661-0690 - and I was worried when Bugsy was so excited in the car that he whined the whole way there. We are talking a whole-lot-a-dog to be that excited LOL
At the best of times he isn't the easiest dog to train. He is more interested in pleasing himself than anyone else, is easily distracted and can cause trouble in an empty room. I have more memories of embarrassing moments in Petsmart than anywhere else.
Curiously Bugsy was very motivated by the beef liver treats and kept doing an instant sit complete with a focus that burned holes into Niki. But that is all he would do. Sigh. We did manage a 'high five' and even a 'high ten' but it was all in Bugsy's special frenetic way.
And true to form he gave Niki many kisses and attempted to kiss everyone that looked in the training pen. Especially one adorable little girl that became the apple of his eye.
Moving on we decided that he would learn 'take' which we have never formally worked on. Now the real Bugsy emerged - he wouldn't take any toy in his mouth. It was like taking a toy was being asked to enter a torture chamber. He spit a few out, clamped his mouth shut, kept moving his snout away from Niki, etc.
She even let him choose a toy - nope none were any good. Sigh. Eventually with a new looking nylabone we had some success and a lot of laughter.
She was able to get him to take the nylabone and he would walk off, turn around, spit it out and go get his treat. To be honest I am not sure which part of the sequence he thought was earning the treat, LOL
We had a chat while he rested and made an assortment of his sighs and groans. Then Niki decided she would teach him to crawl. He did fairly well at this pretty quickly. She worked him on that a bit and then I said it was probably enough as he looked like he'd just walked out of a marine boot camp.
If he could just do things at a semi-normal pace he wouldn't get so fried but he is who he is.
I must commend Niki on being patient with his stubbornness and for realizing that he is an overgrown sweetie. She was able to see through his insanity and see that he is quite bright and loves to do things.
So thanks Niki we had a great time and even learned something!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

microchipping is easy and cheap - get it done!

Well yet another story of a wonderful dog that was found, no collar or tags, no signs saying lost puppy and most important no microchip. So my friend is checking all the rescues, craigslist, newspapers etc to find the owner. So far no luck.
It would be so much easier to find the pup's owner if that owner had spent $5 getting the microchip placed AND registered their info.
additional information here
and here

there is a ton of info on the web on microchips - ask your vet or humane society for what is available in your area.
One word of caution don't believe anyone that says your pet must be anesthetized to be chipped - flat out not true. Some dogs will yelp when it is done but they will get over it quickly. I was with a friend when she had two foster pups done - one yelped the other glared, 5 minutes later they were perfectly fine.
Many dog events have chipping on site.

Please get it done - it you want to be reunited with your pet should they wander it is the surest way to get them back.
Many a day when Bugsy was a pup he would just take off. The configuration of our development meant that he couldn't go far without our blessed neighbors helping us grab him. However it was a great reminder to make sure we could easily be identified as his owner.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bravery has its limits

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but Bugsy, the big dog who fears nothing, is actually terrified of our broken, rather dilapidated, cheapie baby gate. He can nearly walk over it but he will not go near it. LOL
Just before as I was sitting here surfing the net, I heard him crying. I look and he is laying in an odd position next to a hall closet door that houses his toys. So I figure he wants a toy. Not now.
More crying.
Even more crying.
OK I'll get up and see what the problem is.
His Everlasting Fun ball which had treats in it had rolled up against the baby gate.
bwa ha ha ha ha
I am still laughing. As soon as I retrieved it from its precarious position he was happy again.
Silly dog.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bugsy is one lucky dog!!

About a week ago I finally figured out what is causing Bugsy to limp on and off. We will get some hip x-rays soon (when we find a highly recommended vet to do it) but it appears to be a soft tissue injury. He likely has the beginnings of arthritis but I think the main issue is the soft tissue injury.
So why is he lucky? Well because he has very good friends.

One wonderful soul has sent him some liquid supplement (Synflex) for the arthritis, we started that last week and will have to see how that works out, he sure likes it! It was an extremely generous and thoughtful gift from his Aunt Annie - he owes her some 'sugars' for that!

Then today he received a package containing Wood Lock medicated oil. This is to be massaged in the sore area. When I let him smell the bottle he didn't look impressed. But I rubbed some in the general area of the sore area and he was super calm and relaxed. Then afterward he fell asleep. Deeply asleep. Must be real good!
In fact, he just came over and nudged the bottle, tail wagging so that seals it, it is good if he is asking for more.
So a big thanks to his Aunt Callie and a tip of the hat to the provider of the oil - Morningstar Health

This mixed up over-sized mutt is one lucky dog! Now if he would just be calm and let himself heal.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ooooooooooooooh Bugsy

Whew this dog has more nervous energy than any living being should have to carry around with them!
The poor guy has some sort of soft tissue injury to his right hind leg so we have been 'resting' him. UGH! That has been hard enough but now we have a house guest for the next two weeks.
You really can't imagine 107lbs of intense, frenetic energy that hasn't had an outlet in a week. Trust me, you just can't. And my poor house guest is allergic to dogs. Fortunately Bugsy is a low allergen dog (short single coat, no discernible smell) so the guest isn't suffering too badly.
Unfortunately Bugsy is obsessed with the desire to lick the allergic guest. This is where it all becomes insane.
Bugsy is not easily swayed from what it is he wants to do. In fact it is darn near impossible to do so, so all three of us adults are doing all that we can to remind him that he isn't to lick the guest.
If you were keeping score you would probably say Bugsy is winning LOL
But since he isn't licking him right now I think we've won ha ha ha
I tell you this dog is exhausting, we laugh about it but seriously he wears humans out left and right.
Send us some 'stick with it he's only a dog' vibes because my persistent, intense and frenetic mutt isn't going to give in. I can assure you of that

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bugsy couldn't have said it better

Ben Stein on how to deal with the recession

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keep pets on the patio at public places - write a letter please!!

Ugh just when Raleigh was getting a wonderful, dog friendly, cosmopolitan feel the clearly under worked powers that be at the Food Protection Branch are 'reinterpreting a rule' and want to ban dogs from accompanying their owners at outdoor dining facilities.
What a huge step backwards!!!
To me it reeks of someone within the department or someone with influence in the department who hates dogs.
Seriously do they have so little work that they need to find work?
If so in this time of severe budget crises let's transfer these bored workers to a department that is running on the skin of their teeth!

But more importantly what can you do?
Well you can write to the idiot in charge:
Larry Michael
Food Protection Branch
NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
1632 mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1632

Even if you are not local we would appreciate you writing a letter in - it would be a terrible shame for Wake County to allow this to happen. All the coolest hangouts allow dogs on the patio.
Just when we were getting cool............
Here's the original link

Saturday, August 15, 2009

rolling rolling rolling

As a dog owner I am confident that you have often wished your dog could talk. Why do you run zoomies after a poop? Why do chew my shoe when you have three chew toys lying next to you? How come you don't like that dog? They seem perfectly fine to me.

Today's question I would like to ask is, "why do you love to roll on your back?"
He loves to do this and does it every morning and usually in the afternoon.
Some photographic evidence.

It seems to feel really good but often there is more to it than that - he looks at you while upside down with this quizzical look. Then stands up and shakes his head flapping his ears enthusiastically. I don't know what it is all about but I would like to know.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bugsy and his Orbee

Bugsy loves to remove treats from anything you put them in, but most things - like a Kong, are too easy.
So a while ago we started to use his large Orbee ball as a treat ball. We put various things in there, all larger than the whole.
Initially it took a little time for him to remove the treat. Now he does it so fast that on the first instance I missed it with the video entirely - and that one was tough.
It had a liver cube AND a Wellness treat bar in it.

I made a huge production of loading the second attempt - I think he was faster getting it out than I was putting it in.
Ah well. I am sure we kind find something even more challenging :-)

it's a good thing he is cute!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I've been very busy!

Wow have I been having a lot of fun these days. Wish it wasn't so hot then I could have even more fun but I have still been making the best of it.
I don't know how I've gotten so lucky by my friend Izzy has been coming by a lot. We only play for a bit each time but still it is so fun. Then I walk her part of the way home on my walk. It is so fun!!
Then my friend Ace, who my mom says looks a lot like Izzy, came to stay across the road. He doesn't live there but he visits several times a year. So Ace and I have been playing too! One day Cody, who does live across the road, came to play with us. All he really wants is to say hi and then get petted by the humans. I think he is glad that Ace comes and bothers me. But it isn't a bother to me it is FUN!

Yesterday on my walk I saw Carl and I just ran as fast as I could to catch him. My mom human was saying "slow down" but I couldn't. I had to see Carl. Carl is very silly he likes to roll in the grass. One minute we were both smelling something very interesting next thing he was rubbing himself all over the grass where we smelled that good stuff. Strange.
My mom wasn't too pleased though. So we left Carl and then I walked kind of nice. Ha ha then I smelled one of my favorite humans, owner of my original sweetie Bella, and I ran as fast as I could again. My mom wasn't too happy but I was so very happy to see Bella's human. I miss them.

After all this I did need a good sleep, that was a lot of playing over the last few days. So I slept most of today.
When I woke up to eat I heard my human say, "I want to come back as a dog". I wonder why she said that?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dog first aid kits.......

I always grab a dedicated bag that I put together as Bugsy's emergency kit when we go out somewhere (well other than for our morning walk here in the neighborhood). He is so active and we go out on trails and to rivers and lakes that come equipped with poisonous snakes, slippery rocks and goodness knows what else that I felt a little better having some medical supplies at the ready.
Please consider putting one together for your dog, here are some tips from DogAge, you can find more info by doing a simple search for dog first aid kits.
One thing no one should travel without but isn't listed here is Benadryl, you should have both liquid and capsules at the ready. The liquid is absorbed faster but impossible to use for big dogs like Bugsy because the dose is so small.
For reference Benadryl should be dosed at 1-2mg per pound of body weight. The 2mg/lb is the emergency dose.

What's In Your Pooch's First-Aid Kit?
Originally published on August 06, 2009
Like parents tending to kids' skinned knees, most dog owners will occasionally have to nurse their pets' scrapes, scuffs, or other minor injuries. Yep, accidents happen. But you can make such mishaps more manageable by following the old scouting motto: Be prepared. That means having a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand at all times. Don't have one? Pick up a waterproof plastic box, and stock it with these essentials:
1. Vital Stats -- Write down your dog's name, breed, and date of birth; any medical conditions and allergies he has; and any medications he's taking (including doses). If he's been microchipped, jot down the number. Also include your home address and phone number; your vet's name and phone number; and your emergency vet clinic's phone number.

2. Important Records -- Make photocopies of important health records, including vaccinations, and seal them in a plastic bag inside your kit.

3. Basic Supplies -- Fill the rest of your kit with alcohol wipes, gauze, cotton balls, nonstick bandages, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, adhesive tape, cotton swabs, tweezers, an eyedropper, hand sanitizer or soap, a digital thermometer, a pair of latex gloves, and a tube of both topical first-aid cream and antibiotic ointment.

Also, look into taking a pet first-aid class. After all, learning how to handle accidents is the best way to help your dog live younger.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My buddy got neutered today

My buddy Campbell got neutered today. I'm not sure what that means my mom says I was neutered when I was 10 weeks old or so, the life of a shelter dog you see. Whatever. I don't know any different.
But Campbell had to wait until he got his heart medicine stabilized and they needed to make a special plan so it was a safe procedure. The good news is everything went very well. We can't play for about 10 days but we've done that before so we'll make it. Ha ha I bet he drives his humans and the dachshunds crazy by this time next week.

What made it especially important he got neutered is because he has a bad heart. Boxers are prone to something called cardiomyopathy and it is important that boxers with it don't breed more boxers with it.
If you have a boxer now you can get them tested to see if they carry the gene for this disease here's more info on that boxer genetic test
Boxers and some other breeds like Dobermans should also get something called Holter tests
Campbell has had two of those tests already, he has to wear a special vest:

We like it when he wears his vest because we have to play when he wears it - the doctors need to see what his heart does when we play.

Most everyone should get their dog spayed (females) or neutered (males) there are way too many dogs in the world, hundreds of thousands of which get euthanized each year.

So save some lives and get your dog fixed. If Campbell can deal with the surgery so can you! You'll be back playing again soon enough!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dog days of August

well let me tell you this, whoever called these the 'dog days' of August sure wasn't a dog! Wow is it hot and humid too. Everything is wet and the air is thick. Yuck.
I try to wake my humans up real early so we can exercise before the sun comes up, but they are lazy and sleep all the way until 6:15!!! Whew too hot by then.
It is much better to go to the lake when it is so hot but I need to walk around my neighborhood to check out what is happening too!
I mean I've been walking around here since I was a wee pup, I need to know who has been out and about and what they've been eating, etc.
You understand don't you?
Anyway we do the rounds and today I lucked out and did them once with mom and then again with dad. Zowie this black fur is a bit much in this weather!!

My humans make sure I have nice cool water to drink when I get back and if it is real bad they cool me off with the hose. I pretend I don't like that but I do like being cooler. Sometimes mom takes a wet rag and cools my ears, under my arms, my belly and my paws. Another thing my humans do is wet me down completely before we set off that keeps me cool longer too. Bad thing is when I am so hot, I have to wait ages to get my breakfast so I don't get sick they say.

Just a reminder to all you humans out there if you take your dog out in this weather make it real early or real late.
No full sun for us in the heat. You try it with a fur coat on and tell me how you feel!
If your dog is older or overweight or not 100% healthy cut the walks shorter and may be do two.
Or take us swimming if you can.
Never leave us in a car that isn't running with the AC on - we can die quickly in the car in the sun.
Alright try to stay cool and dream about the nice cool mornings to come!

edit to add this link from Blue Buffalo on keeping your dog cool

edit for another update from Ruff wear

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I tell you this boy has some active dreams. He regularly runs, whimpers, howls, twitches, you name it all while sound asleep. Just a minute ago I thought I heard thunder but it was just his tail hitting the floor. And yes his tail thumps with that sort of ferocity.
I love watching his feet go, his toes wiggle and his paws seem very hand-like in the way they move.
There are times where I wonder if he's having some sort of seizure, I know he is not but the sounds and movements are so odd.
I wonder what it is that he is dreaming of - his friends? the beach? the river? is he chasing geese with no one holding the long line?
We'll never know but I do get the impression that he is having pleasant dreams.
Oops I just got the stink eye for disturbing his sleep. Must be typing too loudly

Monday, July 27, 2009

perhaps this is why my name is Bugs

You may know that I have a tendency to pursue anything that moves - if not, it's true. I have always enjoyed catching crickets, grasshoppers, flies, beetles, OK you've got the idea. My favorite bugs to catch are cicadas. They are real big and make the coolest noise and they buzz crazily.
They are so cool and the best part is they taste great! My human said they are ugly but I don't mind!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

don't be sad Dad

We got some very bad news this week, the type that many middle-aged people hear about an ailing parent not having much longer. Well since we have gotten the news, Bugsy is working harder than ever to keep his 'Dad' light, to bring a smile to his face and make him laugh.
We are struggling with this information but I can tell you that my furry comedian has been wonderful. It really is impossible to not laugh and join him in his antics. And it lightens the mood in the whole house.
So thanks Bugsy we really do need a good laugh and you are certainly providing it!
He's sleeping off a good 45 minute session of mischief now - well deserved bud! Keep them coming.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a great day for ZOOMIN'

Whew I tell you I woke up this morning and it was like an early October morning (dat iz wot my human said) and I just couldn't stop zooming! I went out first thing and checked out who had visited my yard overnight,
then mom and I went for a walk and we saw Campbell's whole family and then we saw Carl and his human and then I met a new puppy.
Whew it was busy out there.
Then I gotz home and it was still so nice so I just went crazy.


I zoomed all around LOL I like to run right at my human and then turn at the last second she looks like she is scared I'm going to run into her. She should know better!
Anyway then I decided to have a nap.

Ha haaaaaaaaaaa then I went to see Campbell and his family and zoomed some more.
Woohoo!! I love Zoomin!
Zoom Zoom Zoom!

We got kind of hot so we had a break in the pool
Hope you are having a great day too.
OK I need a nap again

Thursday, July 16, 2009

He don't like peas

This will be short but should give you a chuckle. Most people that see a picture of Bugsy or see him from a distance or don't have a clue about labs think Bugsy is part lab. I always say, no I don't think so and go on to show the physical reasons he isn't and then point out his eating habits.
The big guy leaves crumbs all over my carpet. Now seriously do you know any self-respecting lab that would leave crumbs??
He also tests any 'new' food by carefully taking it in his mouth, bringing it into the living room, putting it down, sniffing it, licking it. having a test chew, dropping it again, sniffing it, licking it, and then he usually decides whether it is edible or not. BTW a lot of the things are not. Who knew I was trying to poison him with a piece of yellow squash?
Which brings me to the point of this post. The boy doesn't like peas. He'll eat a few if you mash them up into his food or something but it's never a sure thing. So the other night I was mixing up his dinner (a few times a week he gets raw/home food)and thought oh I have these peas I'll mash them in. The mix was very mushy - mashed yucca root (very gloppy), ground beef, pork liver all mixed to a paste with added calcium and um yea a few peas that I mashed.
Well even with an all time favorite ground beef in there he had to check out what he was receiving. He decided to eat it but was eating really slow.
Once completed I went over to wash his bowl and found this:

Clearly those approximately 9 peas were not mashed enough to slip by the discerning eater.
Please don't make me laugh - there's no lab in this guy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A stalk to the lake

Bugsy and I had an early trip to the lake this morning. My goodness he loves to go to the lake now. Apparently the squirrels are more interesting there and gracious me he loves the ducks - in all the wrong ways!
I wanted to try and take some pictures but the video below will demonstrate why I need all hands on deck. So no pictures but enjoy the video of our 'walk' to the lake from the parking lot.
At the end I turned my camera, so the video is sideways (sorry) Bugsy's attention was grabbed by some creature seemingly screaming "beware the black beast of Lake Wheeler has arrived" :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Send some positive thoughts please

Bugsy has been slower this week. Now you are probably thinking that would be a good thing. Problem is Bugsy never chooses to be slow, it usually means that something is going on and whatever is going on isn't good.
He has been a crazy boy since we brought him home and this included lots of running and jumping. I still don't think I have ever seen him WALK all the way down the stairs. He goes down them as fast as he can and jumps off the last few steps.
Because we don't know his, ahem, 'breeding' and because he is so large I have always worried about his hips.
Watching him this week I think that the beginnings of arthritis is what we are seeing. I have a pit in my stomach as I watch this not yet 4 year old super active crazy boy look stiff when he rises. We'll go to the vet for a check but there isn't much more we can do.
He gets glucosamine/chondroitin, Nutrajoint, fish oil, walks swims, or jogs daily and has soft beds all over the house.
So could you cross your fingers and hope that it's just something else and not the beginnings of arthritis in his hips?
We'd appreciate it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

some new happenings

My mom finally put some new reviews up on the Daily Zoomie! Some of those things I tried out for her ages ago. Anyway they are there now and might help you make up your mind about some of them. Lots more to come! LINK

I didn't really like the 4th of July, first my humans left me here with my favorite Classical station on but only gave me HALF my dinner before they left. Huh? Excuse me but if you are going to leave me here I want all my dinner!
They fed me the rest after they got back, whew I needed it!

Then when it went dark there was lots of noise and flashes in the sky. I went outside to check it out and man some of those flashes were close. I didn't like it that close. In fact I considered waiting until morning to do any business that way it would be light and no more flashes but my human threw me out, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Turned out it was a good decision that she did. There was a rabbit waiting for me, I pointed at him for my human. I concentrated real hard and focused on him, couldn't even hear the booms or see the flashes then. When the moment was right, I zoomed after him. Ha ha ha scaredy rabbit went running into the neighbor's yard.
Then I did all my business and crashed for the night.

Today my human took me swimming, I love swimming now. But I was pretty upset when we got home she went for a walk WITHOUT ME!!!!! I howled while she was out. Ha that'll show everyone, no walkies without me!
Well I hope that is what happens from here on out. I heard my human talking to someone about doggie daycare. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder what that is?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

An evening at The Borough

Last night was way cool. Well actually it was pretty hot but what I mean is that I got to do something special. My humans took me 'into town'. We've done this before but it has been a real long time. Did you know that in the city squirrels don't run away? I wanted to get'em but my humans kept saying "heel". Whatever. Anyway we walked a little bit and then we went to a place called The Borough. Let me tell you they have their priorities right, as soon as we got there the server got a water bowl and filled it for me. Ha ha ha then she asked my humans what they wanted. About time I got served first!
It was real fun at this place although I wanted to check things out and my humans said, "DOWN". Bah humbug! Besides it was stinky rough concrete they know I need something softer to lay on. It was OK though because I got broccoli and some french fries if I stayed "down" so I did.
Then we walked all around town. It was fun but soon I realized I should've peed before we went to town so I was getting uncomfortable. I don't pee in strange places so I really wanted to get home!!
When we finally did get home I peed for about 5 minutes straight. Whew that was better!
SO next time I think I'll go before we go in the car and may be not drink sooooo much water. But that nice lady Schmitty kept giving me such lovely cold water I couldn't help myself.
I want to thank everyone at The Borough for allowing even big mutts like me to accompany my humans. I really like socializing. Could I haz a beer next time?
I was listed as a guest on the receipt I, my human thinks that is way cool - check it out

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's cheesy ice cube season! (cheap fun hot weather treat)

When Bugsy was a pup we had to be very creative in thinking of things for him to chew that were inexpensive, renewable, low in calories, safe and easy to always have around.
Somewhere someone mentioned making large ice cubes for him to munch on. So I filled the bottom of a 32oz yogurt cup with water, froze it and gave it to him by placing it in his pool. This way he had to catch it before he could eat/destroy it and it cooled him off in the process.
As he matured he wasn't too interested in the plain ice cube. He'd go get it from the pool but he wasn't too interested in it afterward. So I got a bit more creative and took a cheese stick and broke it into pieces which I added to ice cubes and water in my 32oz yogurt cup. Wala he was totally interested again. Now he won't leave the ice cube alone until he has de-cheesed it. And if he feels like it he eats all the ice too.
"hmmmmmmmmmm dis iz good!"
So if you want an easy treat and time consumer for your pup, try this. You might use a little beef or chicken broth in the water or cheese or whatever you like to make it interesting. If you use the broth only use a small amount as the salt content will be high.
You can choose whatever size is appropriate for your pooch.
I've attached some pictures below of Bugsy enjoying his cheesy ice cube earlier today. It was too hot for fetch so this was an easy cool form of entertainment for him.
Here you can see the chunks of cheese

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the best commercial ever - if you're a dog I suppose!

Was watching a bit of Wimbledon and saw this Traveler's commercial

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You never know what you will get

We were quite innocent and apparently ignorant when we adopted Bugsy. We had had all the right discussions as to how having a dog would impact our lives, both negative and positive and we were ready to take on the commitment of ownership of a large, fun-loving, active dog. Wow did we get all that, in spades.
We could see right from the get go that we had our work cut out for us. Bugsy as a pup was a handful and a half. OK he still is LOL.
We quickly started doing all the research we could (asking successful and experienced owners as well as reading voraciously). We discovered that he had significant food and environmental allergies that once taken care of made him an easier and happier boy. We took turns exercising him as his energy was unending. We tirelessly worked on training him and trying to figure out what really motivated him.
I'd like to say we had lots of success but we mostly had a lot of frustration until he got to be about two. Then suddenly he seemed to decide he would humor us and do what we asked some of the time.
Which brings me to today. As he approaches four he still needs his morning exercise to set the tone for the day. But today we didn't do it. So as punishment he has been an absolute devil all day long. I couldn't even estimate how many items he has brought to us today. Not one of which was something we asked for, but we got it. Again and again and again.
We played some hallway fetch, he systematically destroyed a toy made of 8 layers of heavy jute, he had countless mini treats tucked into his treat ball. I could go on and on but I figure you've got an idea of the constant mischief.
And this is Bugsy. Everyday all day. He gets especially hyper and mischievous when people visit. A 105 lb hyper dog with a lethal tail needs very understanding guests.
To date I think seven people have actually told me they would have returned him to the SPCA. I hesitate to imagine how many others have thought it.
BUT we didn't - ever. We just continue to try and understand him and to be the owners he needs.
Which brings me back to the title of this post. When you adopt a dog or puppy, you don't really know what you will get. You can guess-timate energy levels and submissiveness but the dog may be different outside the shelter. If you are buying a dog from a good breeder they will select the best pup for your needs and lifestyle and you will also know the breed traits. If the breeder doesn't do this they are not a good breeder.
I don't say this to put you off adopting mixed breed dogs from shelters but so you know that like "a box of chocolates" you never know exactly what you will get, till you got it! Perhaps a better analogy is that, when a child is born you don't know their personality until later on. Then you do your best to raise that child to be the best adult they can be or you work with your dog to get the best from them.
Which brings me back to today. More than once I looked at Bugsy's impish face with the shoe hanging from his teeth and thought, aw Bugs can't you just chill out and have an off day.
But he can't, not yet anyway. And now as I write this he is laying at my feet running in his sleep. And the love I feel overflows.
Wouldn't trade him for any dog in the universe.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bugsy, moles, Marmaduke

Considering Bugsy's mole obsession I needed to share today's Marmaduke
Fortunately Bugsy has his technique down and only makes a small hole when he catches them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I tell ya it was a BIG fish!

This morning we went to the lake to swim. The hot weather has arrived and swimming is a better idea than running or walking, that is what my human says anyway. Doesn't matter to me the lake has so many smells and things to hunt, I love it. Besides she brought my goose. I don't get to play with my goose much so I get real excited when I get to play with my goose.
this is my goose:
May be it looks better in person .

OK back to my story, so I'm at the lake, right at the water, no real geese today but I did find a small dead fish. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE fish so I considered eating it but human said "LEAVE IT".
Does your human say that? It usually means no fun ahead!

Finally my human threw my goose into the water, I went after it as fast as I could, I mean its my favorite toy and I never just get to kill it!
Right when I was about to grab my goose this huge fish jumped out of the water and nearly landed on me.
I forgot all about my goose and tried to find that fish, I even looked under water but it must have skedaddled because I couldn't find it anywhere.
My human kept whistling at me so I grabbed my goose and brought it to her. For this she gave me a piece of fake bacon.
Whatever, I wanted that fish now!
That was going to be one sweet dinner if I caught it.
She threw my goose some more and I got it. And she threw my Wubba and I got that too.
But every time I went in that water I looked for my fish. Couldn't find him though.
My human told me that lots of fishers tell stories of the big one that got away, well you can add me to that list.
This was a really big fish and I nearly had him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a special race - Race for a Cure, Raleigh

Yesterday my mom woke up real early. Whew I was still sleepy but I have to help her make the coffee and get the newspaper and stuff so I got up too. Then she got into her running clothes and I was HAPPY, I love to run.
You won't believe this next part - she left without me. Went somewhere in the car, with her running stuff on, without ME!
I was pretty down about this turn of events.
She told me it was a special race, one for humans only. Something about a good cause. She seemed kind of sad about this good cause. And she had some pink paper on her back with names on it. Those names made her real sad.
When she got back she told me that 23,000 people were running - that sounds busy! She said there were lots of hills and she missed me because I pull her up the hills some days. Instead she said she thought of the people whose names were on her back and how they had fought cancer and that running up hills in hot humid weather was a lot easier than fighting cancer so she kept running up those hills.
The name of this special race is the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure. She says next year she is going to make her sisters run it with her. I guess I won't be able to go again but it sounds like it is a good thing for mom to do. I'll have to wake up dad and make him take me somewhere instead.
And she did share a banana with me when she got home, I love bananas!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodbye Miss Gwen

I learned last night that the owner of one of Bugsy's playmates had a sudden and fatal recurrence of stomach cancer. It had been a busy month for us here with travel and the never-ending work on the house, still countless afternoons I thought, how unusual that we hadn't seen them in a while. Sometimes we saw each other and let the dogs play weekly, other times it could be a month or more between play dates. I figured she might be traveling as well or was walking even later to avoid the late day heat. I will admit to thinking in the last couple of weeks that I needed to call and check on her. But I didn't really know her that well. That's what I told myself anyway.
We only chatted whilst the dogs played. She was filled with excitement for her impending retirement, so full of plans and looking forward to the freedom and living life as she wanted.
I am filled with grief. And shock. Her energy was such a positive one. Her smile infectious and her love of the dogs unsurpassed. Her dog is an older, grumpy Westie who doesn't really play with any dogs, but he loved to play with Bugsy. She used to say that he would lead her to our house. Sometimes he would give Bugsy the cold shoulder and Bugs would do all that he could to entice him to play. Once Bugsy realized that if he circled and loved on Gwen her dog would become active that was his go to strategy. When I told Gwen that was what he was doing and she saw it she just laughed and laughed. That infectious, joyous laugh.
Gwen, we will miss you. We did before we knew it was permanent. Bugsy looks out for you in the afternoons and I suppose it will take some time before he will cease to do so. Poor Poppet's heart will be broken. Hopefully we will see him again and Bugsy will have the opportunity to help him have fun. We are here for you bud.

Thank you for all the chats, laughs, and sharing your positive outlook on life with us. Thank you for not fearing the big black beast when so many did, even allowing your small dog to play with him, recognizing how big his heart was and that he is an eternal puppy. You enjoyed watching him mature almost as much as we did.


The Rainbow Bridge is reserved for pets, however I know that you are somewhere equally as special. Somewhere that cancer is not recognized.
Godspeed Miss Gwen.
I know your loss is felt by many, you were a wonderful human being. Thanks for being a friend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

can you believe this!

Wow those guys are back 'fixing' my house. They sure don't seem to be fixing anything. And all it means is that my whole day has been spent in the guest bedroom, watching meaningless TV under the ceiling fan. Sounds idyllic I know but there are PEOPLE in my house! Harumph.
But at least today started out real fun - I FINALLY got to play with Campbell. We hadn't gotten to play in a looooooooong time. He had this special vest on. I'm pretty sure that he thinks he's superman or something. But it didn't get in the way too much.
We did lots of zooming and wrestling and tugging. You know boy things.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays and playdates

whew I am soooooooooooo tired. Yesterday was my Mom human's birthday. I'm not sure what a birthday is but she was happy all day and I helped to tear some paper up and open 'cards'. Anytime I get to tear up and eat some paper I am a happy dog!
We all had a real nice walk and we saw my friend Izzy. Izzy and I wanted to play but the humans said, "tomorrow".

Then at night time more humans came and visited. I love humans so I was very busy entertaining them and chewing my antler. It was late when they left and I could sleep.

Woohoo!! Today was "tomorrow"
So Izzy and her human came and stayed a long time. We ran and ran and went in the pool and played tug and wrestled some too. And I taught Izzy how to use the dog door!
It was lots of fun but it was tiring too.
I need a long nap now!

Here's a picture of me & Izzy running:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Human abuse!! Oops!

Bugsy has lots of playful antics he enjoys repeating to much consternation to his owners. Most are innocuous but ad infinitum can lead to irritation. One of the things he likes to do is help his humans with the vacuuming. This entails following them everywhere and trying to lay down on the cord. Sometimes it leads to unplugging the cord. It also means that either where you just vacuumed or where you are about to vacuum has a 107lb dog laying on it.
But today he tried a new trick. I had given him an Orbee ball with a treat it in. Instead of focusing on removing the treat he followed me around with it - which was OK until he decided to fling it down the stairs from the top of the staircase while I was vacuuming the bottom stairs. Imagine my surprise at being hit with an Orbee ball as I, head down, was 'hoovering' the steps. I looked up and saw the beast aka 'The Devil' peering down on me like, "oops! hey did the treat come out?"
Um yes it did Bugs now will you let me get on with the vacuuming please!

I never thought I would get hit in the head with an Orbee ball while hoovering (that's the UK term for vacuuming and I like it a lot better) and I feel it is appropriate to declare it as human abuse!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm not sure what "Memorial Day" is but it is fun to have my humans home. We had some new humans visit and they were real nice. I think I was a good entertainer for them, my tail only knocked down one glass.
The next day I was sleepy though - yawn.
Today I am supposed to go to some festival in downtown - I love festivals :-) Then I am going to go shopping.
I was supposed to play with my buddy Campbell this morning but my human wasn't feeling well. I really want to see him soon. I think we are going to the lake this week.
I suppose that is all for today!
Oh and Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my human is home!!!

Whew I thought an important member of my pack would never come back but she did! She said she went to New Yawk, I don't know where that is but they talk funny like they say, "dawg" when they mean dog. Do you know where it is?
Even worse than her not being here she came back smelling like other dogs, hmmmmm, do you think she has another pack?
Any way when she came home I greeted her with presents

and I wiggled my butt the best I could! I think she liked it.
Today she took me on a long walk to the lake and then she gave me my favorite dinner; pork neck bones.
Is it any wonder that I miss her??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The beach is loads of fun!

Fellow fun loving canines if you haven't been to the 'beach' yet you need to convince your humans that you need to go there. The ground is soft and fluffy so you can really dig your toes in! There are lots of other fun loving canines there so you make lots of friends. There is something called the ocean which is water but it moves all the time, has living things swimming around in it, and tastes yucky! But it is lots of fun and you can cool off in it. Plus if your human throws a toy in it is hard to catch because it keeps moving with the 'waves'.
I really like to let the wind blow my ears

One thing you should look out for if you go to the beach is a thing humans call "crabs"
They look weird with big eyes and they run on top of the sand and then dive into holes;
I like to investigate things like these crabs so I did a lot of digging;
Whew I have to tell you digging is hard work! But I got close to one of those crabs and it bit my nose!!!!!!!! So be very careful with crabs!

I hope you can see that going to the beach is lots of fun and there is plenty of work to do to. Lots of things that you have never smelled before or seen before need to be checked out. Oh and lots of birds too! I love birds.
I need to catch up on some rest now but I would love to hear about your trips to the beach.