Monday, April 26, 2010

1st day on the job!

Bugsy was recently asked to clear the geese off of a golf course. He couldn't dream of a better job so this was very exciting indeed!
Today we had our first attempt at it. The problem is always going to be calling him off the geese, definitely not finding them or chasing them.
As if sent as a message when we left our driveway this morning a single goose was walking on the neighbor's yard. The windows were open and Bugsy was on high alert immediately. I stopped and let him really scent it. I told him "goose" & 'good job'.

We carried on towards the golf course which takes us passed fields of livestock and um geese. Once again he rose to his feet, nose to the air and took it all in. Goose.

He was thrilled when we got the golf course and all this wide open space.
Then he saw 4 geese. He slunk down to panther mode and stalked them, edging closer. Then I did something (not sure what) that sent him.
Oh dear Lord after being dragged halfway across the wet fairway I let go. He was on a tear, and they weren't hanging around. He went after each one until the left. After a bit of sniffing, he responded to my whistle and returned to me.
"good job", treat, and "let's go"
From that point forward, he knew exactly what he was sniffing for, no doubts at all.
Off we went.
Then he heard them, high above. You could see the energy and intent in his body.
They landed and he started creeping.
This time they took off well before he got there. (clearly already realizing he means business)
Oh and so did he.
He took off like a rocket as they headed towards the murkiest pond you can imagine.
GULP! No Bugsy!
Not a chance.
He launched over the reeds/high grasses and about 20 feet into the pond, swimming with an intent that could not be missed.
Me= ACK! Thinking of snakes, snapping turtles and the slop.
I whistled and whistled, called his name.
Not a chance
He was pissed off and on a mission.
Fortunately after some time he got tired (the geese neared the side of the pond and flew over his head to the other end again)and my encouragement that he was done he decided to come out of the pond. He was absolutely exhausted. I was a wreck.
OK bud let's call it a day..............
We got home he pooped and launched into major zoomies.
Then he got a quick bath which was followed by more zoomies.
I love my new job mom!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pawzzle

Sorry folks I have not been very good about keeping up on things - I have many toys to review, thoughts to share and a link to an awesome show but all in good time ay?
Today I want to tell you about Bugsy's new toy - The Pawzzle
I reluctantly bought this product - reluctant because every kibble dispensing toy has frankly been too simple for Bugs. Generally they take longer to fill than for him to empty. And this toy wasn't cheap so I was taking a risk in my mind.
Thankfully it has worked out superbly. He loves it.

This is certainly more difficult than any other ones we've tried. There is only one hole in the inner ball which is about the same size as his kibble (his kibble is not uniform so I have to break some of the larger ones) and the inside of the inner ball isn't smooth so pieces get caught in the inside of the inner ball. Also the hole in the inner ball has to hit one of the holes in the outer ball in order for the kibble to come out. So its a challenge.

I could see a dog getting frustrated easily and some dogs I would think would just destroy the outer ball to get to the inner ball. Also Bugsy's head/nose is so big he can't reach the smaller ball through the outer ball - most dogs will be able to do that.

He loves these sort of things so even when he first got it and would roll it and roll it to no avail he kept trying.

It would be easy to enlarge the hole on the inner ball to make it easier to get stuff out. For now Bugsy loves it just the way it is LOL

Here are some short videos of him playing with it

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today is the big day!

Yup its the 2010 Dog Walk! Its sunny and not too warm and the turn out is bound to be HUGE!
Bugsy got a bath and has a new collar and is raring to go!
The fund-raising total is ginormous and not nearly done yet, we are so proud of the SPCA and so proud and honored to be a part of it all.
Thank you to everyone that has sponsored us, I don't like to ask for donations but this is different.
I'll be back later with photos!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final week to sponsor us!

Bugsy's favorite day of the year is here!
On Saturday we will be walking in the 2010 SPCA of Wake County Dog Walk. This is an enormously successful event and rightfully so.
The money all goes directly to the support of animals in need in the county - of which there are 10's of thousands.
From the top to the bottom, the people that make up the SPCA of Wake County are amazing, demonstrating an unparalleled dedication to homeless animals and animal protection.
We have been walking in this event since 2006, this will be our 5th!
The first year Bugsy was about 8 months old and had the time of his life. He is a happy boy, but never happier than when he is in a congregation of thousands of people and thousands of dogs.
Please join in the fun if you are local - the weather looks to be wonderful - you can walk with or without a dog
or if you can't make it
please consider sponsoring us
scroll towards the bottom and you will see a box and my name Karen Lee, click on that and you are good to go!
Karen & Bugsy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mr Prissy lets his hair down

well not really but bear with me on this one, LOL
Bugsy has always been an exceptionally neat dog, carefully skipping over mud and other than digging for moles he doesn't play in the dirt, puddles sometimes yes sometimes no, and he hates to do a down or sit on concrete or at the dog park, etc. if that gives you some idea.
OK now jump forward to - he always rolls on the floor after eating a raw meal, to me an indication of, "oh yea baby that was good eating!"
So tonight after having a wonderful meal of emu drumstick he went outside with me and rolled on the grass.
Over and over. He would get up and shake off some dirt and bits, stop and think and then he was back on the grass rolling.
Woohoo he can act like a dog! :-)

Now don't get me wrong I am not hoping this progresses to rolling in stinky stuff but I did think gosh he is finally chilled out enough to roll in the grass.
Good boy Bugs!
First you realize you can poop on your walk and don't have to hold it until you get home and now this.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The social butterfly

I have been very remiss in not reporting the happenings here in Bugsy's world. Sunday, Easter Sunday he got a very special treat. He got to ride in a pickup, in the cab, with his head out the window licking the neck and ear of one of his favorite humans. When we stopped he was at his girlfriend Bella's house.
Bella is a beautiful golden retriever that is about a month younger than Bugsy. They grew up together and the 'kids' were his first and only experience with kids until about 15 months ago. He has always seen all the humans at that house as his humans too.
So the excitement was immeasurable - his first play date since November AND his first play date with Bella in goodness knows how long. They ran and ran and kissed. A little wrestling but mostly running and loving. The joyfulness and the intense emotion brought smiles to all of us, heart warming smiles.
AND he was tired but OK afterward.
Then this week he has walked with Campbell, and Max & Annabelle a couple of times and said hello to Bowie and Cody. He's so happy, he could burst!

Remember that dogs are social creatures, they want to be with their humans and they want to be with other dogs. It is important that if your dog hasn't been socialized that you start the process slowly but for the vast majority of dogs it turns out to be a very good thing!

an older picture of Bugsy and HIS Bella - its love I tell you

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stages of dog ownership

Dog ownership is much more complex than it seems from the outside. People that don't have dogs or that do but don't do anything with them tend to see owning a dog as a simple thing.
I did, I admit it.
I mean you get a dog, you train it a bit, feed it, take it to the vet and pick up the poop. Simple.
What I and I think many, forget is that dogs are living creatures with individual personalities and development stages and needs, just like you and I.

The above means that for most of us dog owners, training is an ongoing thing. As your dog traverses through the stages of its life you will need to review some things or work with a whole new behavior (or 20 LOL).

OK so some of you may be saying I wonder what this post is all about. Its just about walking through life with my boy Bugsy. I am not sure whether he has entered adulthood or it is a response to the whole surgery experience but I am noticing a calmer dog, a slightly more obedient dog and a dog that is more peaceful.
The other night our cul-de-sac was full of young kids running, screaming, using bikes, motorized scooters, you name it.
This has been a situation where he would need to go inside because he would want to be running with the kids so much that he would be running the line and getting way too worked up.
Not the other night. He watched them and was alerted when they shouted or cried or screamed but he didn't get agitated. DH & I were watching in amazement. He would watch intently and then go back to grazing the grass.

Anyway back to my original thoughts on this subject it has been an eye opener to realize the appropriate energy and effort of 'good' dog ownership. You must grow with them and know who they are and what they need.
Bugsy is not the dog I grew up with nor the neighbor's dog. He is a unique (you can say that again) individual that I am responsible for.
I love that.