Monday, June 29, 2009

It's cheesy ice cube season! (cheap fun hot weather treat)

When Bugsy was a pup we had to be very creative in thinking of things for him to chew that were inexpensive, renewable, low in calories, safe and easy to always have around.
Somewhere someone mentioned making large ice cubes for him to munch on. So I filled the bottom of a 32oz yogurt cup with water, froze it and gave it to him by placing it in his pool. This way he had to catch it before he could eat/destroy it and it cooled him off in the process.
As he matured he wasn't too interested in the plain ice cube. He'd go get it from the pool but he wasn't too interested in it afterward. So I got a bit more creative and took a cheese stick and broke it into pieces which I added to ice cubes and water in my 32oz yogurt cup. Wala he was totally interested again. Now he won't leave the ice cube alone until he has de-cheesed it. And if he feels like it he eats all the ice too.
"hmmmmmmmmmm dis iz good!"
So if you want an easy treat and time consumer for your pup, try this. You might use a little beef or chicken broth in the water or cheese or whatever you like to make it interesting. If you use the broth only use a small amount as the salt content will be high.
You can choose whatever size is appropriate for your pooch.
I've attached some pictures below of Bugsy enjoying his cheesy ice cube earlier today. It was too hot for fetch so this was an easy cool form of entertainment for him.
Here you can see the chunks of cheese

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the best commercial ever - if you're a dog I suppose!

Was watching a bit of Wimbledon and saw this Traveler's commercial

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You never know what you will get

We were quite innocent and apparently ignorant when we adopted Bugsy. We had had all the right discussions as to how having a dog would impact our lives, both negative and positive and we were ready to take on the commitment of ownership of a large, fun-loving, active dog. Wow did we get all that, in spades.
We could see right from the get go that we had our work cut out for us. Bugsy as a pup was a handful and a half. OK he still is LOL.
We quickly started doing all the research we could (asking successful and experienced owners as well as reading voraciously). We discovered that he had significant food and environmental allergies that once taken care of made him an easier and happier boy. We took turns exercising him as his energy was unending. We tirelessly worked on training him and trying to figure out what really motivated him.
I'd like to say we had lots of success but we mostly had a lot of frustration until he got to be about two. Then suddenly he seemed to decide he would humor us and do what we asked some of the time.
Which brings me to today. As he approaches four he still needs his morning exercise to set the tone for the day. But today we didn't do it. So as punishment he has been an absolute devil all day long. I couldn't even estimate how many items he has brought to us today. Not one of which was something we asked for, but we got it. Again and again and again.
We played some hallway fetch, he systematically destroyed a toy made of 8 layers of heavy jute, he had countless mini treats tucked into his treat ball. I could go on and on but I figure you've got an idea of the constant mischief.
And this is Bugsy. Everyday all day. He gets especially hyper and mischievous when people visit. A 105 lb hyper dog with a lethal tail needs very understanding guests.
To date I think seven people have actually told me they would have returned him to the SPCA. I hesitate to imagine how many others have thought it.
BUT we didn't - ever. We just continue to try and understand him and to be the owners he needs.
Which brings me back to the title of this post. When you adopt a dog or puppy, you don't really know what you will get. You can guess-timate energy levels and submissiveness but the dog may be different outside the shelter. If you are buying a dog from a good breeder they will select the best pup for your needs and lifestyle and you will also know the breed traits. If the breeder doesn't do this they are not a good breeder.
I don't say this to put you off adopting mixed breed dogs from shelters but so you know that like "a box of chocolates" you never know exactly what you will get, till you got it! Perhaps a better analogy is that, when a child is born you don't know their personality until later on. Then you do your best to raise that child to be the best adult they can be or you work with your dog to get the best from them.
Which brings me back to today. More than once I looked at Bugsy's impish face with the shoe hanging from his teeth and thought, aw Bugs can't you just chill out and have an off day.
But he can't, not yet anyway. And now as I write this he is laying at my feet running in his sleep. And the love I feel overflows.
Wouldn't trade him for any dog in the universe.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bugsy, moles, Marmaduke

Considering Bugsy's mole obsession I needed to share today's Marmaduke
Fortunately Bugsy has his technique down and only makes a small hole when he catches them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I tell ya it was a BIG fish!

This morning we went to the lake to swim. The hot weather has arrived and swimming is a better idea than running or walking, that is what my human says anyway. Doesn't matter to me the lake has so many smells and things to hunt, I love it. Besides she brought my goose. I don't get to play with my goose much so I get real excited when I get to play with my goose.
this is my goose:
May be it looks better in person .

OK back to my story, so I'm at the lake, right at the water, no real geese today but I did find a small dead fish. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE fish so I considered eating it but human said "LEAVE IT".
Does your human say that? It usually means no fun ahead!

Finally my human threw my goose into the water, I went after it as fast as I could, I mean its my favorite toy and I never just get to kill it!
Right when I was about to grab my goose this huge fish jumped out of the water and nearly landed on me.
I forgot all about my goose and tried to find that fish, I even looked under water but it must have skedaddled because I couldn't find it anywhere.
My human kept whistling at me so I grabbed my goose and brought it to her. For this she gave me a piece of fake bacon.
Whatever, I wanted that fish now!
That was going to be one sweet dinner if I caught it.
She threw my goose some more and I got it. And she threw my Wubba and I got that too.
But every time I went in that water I looked for my fish. Couldn't find him though.
My human told me that lots of fishers tell stories of the big one that got away, well you can add me to that list.
This was a really big fish and I nearly had him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a special race - Race for a Cure, Raleigh

Yesterday my mom woke up real early. Whew I was still sleepy but I have to help her make the coffee and get the newspaper and stuff so I got up too. Then she got into her running clothes and I was HAPPY, I love to run.
You won't believe this next part - she left without me. Went somewhere in the car, with her running stuff on, without ME!
I was pretty down about this turn of events.
She told me it was a special race, one for humans only. Something about a good cause. She seemed kind of sad about this good cause. And she had some pink paper on her back with names on it. Those names made her real sad.
When she got back she told me that 23,000 people were running - that sounds busy! She said there were lots of hills and she missed me because I pull her up the hills some days. Instead she said she thought of the people whose names were on her back and how they had fought cancer and that running up hills in hot humid weather was a lot easier than fighting cancer so she kept running up those hills.
The name of this special race is the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure. She says next year she is going to make her sisters run it with her. I guess I won't be able to go again but it sounds like it is a good thing for mom to do. I'll have to wake up dad and make him take me somewhere instead.
And she did share a banana with me when she got home, I love bananas!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodbye Miss Gwen

I learned last night that the owner of one of Bugsy's playmates had a sudden and fatal recurrence of stomach cancer. It had been a busy month for us here with travel and the never-ending work on the house, still countless afternoons I thought, how unusual that we hadn't seen them in a while. Sometimes we saw each other and let the dogs play weekly, other times it could be a month or more between play dates. I figured she might be traveling as well or was walking even later to avoid the late day heat. I will admit to thinking in the last couple of weeks that I needed to call and check on her. But I didn't really know her that well. That's what I told myself anyway.
We only chatted whilst the dogs played. She was filled with excitement for her impending retirement, so full of plans and looking forward to the freedom and living life as she wanted.
I am filled with grief. And shock. Her energy was such a positive one. Her smile infectious and her love of the dogs unsurpassed. Her dog is an older, grumpy Westie who doesn't really play with any dogs, but he loved to play with Bugsy. She used to say that he would lead her to our house. Sometimes he would give Bugsy the cold shoulder and Bugs would do all that he could to entice him to play. Once Bugsy realized that if he circled and loved on Gwen her dog would become active that was his go to strategy. When I told Gwen that was what he was doing and she saw it she just laughed and laughed. That infectious, joyous laugh.
Gwen, we will miss you. We did before we knew it was permanent. Bugsy looks out for you in the afternoons and I suppose it will take some time before he will cease to do so. Poor Poppet's heart will be broken. Hopefully we will see him again and Bugsy will have the opportunity to help him have fun. We are here for you bud.

Thank you for all the chats, laughs, and sharing your positive outlook on life with us. Thank you for not fearing the big black beast when so many did, even allowing your small dog to play with him, recognizing how big his heart was and that he is an eternal puppy. You enjoyed watching him mature almost as much as we did.


The Rainbow Bridge is reserved for pets, however I know that you are somewhere equally as special. Somewhere that cancer is not recognized.
Godspeed Miss Gwen.
I know your loss is felt by many, you were a wonderful human being. Thanks for being a friend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

can you believe this!

Wow those guys are back 'fixing' my house. They sure don't seem to be fixing anything. And all it means is that my whole day has been spent in the guest bedroom, watching meaningless TV under the ceiling fan. Sounds idyllic I know but there are PEOPLE in my house! Harumph.
But at least today started out real fun - I FINALLY got to play with Campbell. We hadn't gotten to play in a looooooooong time. He had this special vest on. I'm pretty sure that he thinks he's superman or something. But it didn't get in the way too much.
We did lots of zooming and wrestling and tugging. You know boy things.