Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays and playdates

whew I am soooooooooooo tired. Yesterday was my Mom human's birthday. I'm not sure what a birthday is but she was happy all day and I helped to tear some paper up and open 'cards'. Anytime I get to tear up and eat some paper I am a happy dog!
We all had a real nice walk and we saw my friend Izzy. Izzy and I wanted to play but the humans said, "tomorrow".

Then at night time more humans came and visited. I love humans so I was very busy entertaining them and chewing my antler. It was late when they left and I could sleep.

Woohoo!! Today was "tomorrow"
So Izzy and her human came and stayed a long time. We ran and ran and went in the pool and played tug and wrestled some too. And I taught Izzy how to use the dog door!
It was lots of fun but it was tiring too.
I need a long nap now!

Here's a picture of me & Izzy running:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Human abuse!! Oops!

Bugsy has lots of playful antics he enjoys repeating to much consternation to his owners. Most are innocuous but ad infinitum can lead to irritation. One of the things he likes to do is help his humans with the vacuuming. This entails following them everywhere and trying to lay down on the cord. Sometimes it leads to unplugging the cord. It also means that either where you just vacuumed or where you are about to vacuum has a 107lb dog laying on it.
But today he tried a new trick. I had given him an Orbee ball with a treat it in. Instead of focusing on removing the treat he followed me around with it - which was OK until he decided to fling it down the stairs from the top of the staircase while I was vacuuming the bottom stairs. Imagine my surprise at being hit with an Orbee ball as I, head down, was 'hoovering' the steps. I looked up and saw the beast aka 'The Devil' peering down on me like, "oops! hey did the treat come out?"
Um yes it did Bugs now will you let me get on with the vacuuming please!

I never thought I would get hit in the head with an Orbee ball while hoovering (that's the UK term for vacuuming and I like it a lot better) and I feel it is appropriate to declare it as human abuse!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm not sure what "Memorial Day" is but it is fun to have my humans home. We had some new humans visit and they were real nice. I think I was a good entertainer for them, my tail only knocked down one glass.
The next day I was sleepy though - yawn.
Today I am supposed to go to some festival in downtown - I love festivals :-) Then I am going to go shopping.
I was supposed to play with my buddy Campbell this morning but my human wasn't feeling well. I really want to see him soon. I think we are going to the lake this week.
I suppose that is all for today!
Oh and Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my human is home!!!

Whew I thought an important member of my pack would never come back but she did! She said she went to New Yawk, I don't know where that is but they talk funny like they say, "dawg" when they mean dog. Do you know where it is?
Even worse than her not being here she came back smelling like other dogs, hmmmmm, do you think she has another pack?
Any way when she came home I greeted her with presents

and I wiggled my butt the best I could! I think she liked it.
Today she took me on a long walk to the lake and then she gave me my favorite dinner; pork neck bones.
Is it any wonder that I miss her??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The beach is loads of fun!

Fellow fun loving canines if you haven't been to the 'beach' yet you need to convince your humans that you need to go there. The ground is soft and fluffy so you can really dig your toes in! There are lots of other fun loving canines there so you make lots of friends. There is something called the ocean which is water but it moves all the time, has living things swimming around in it, and tastes yucky! But it is lots of fun and you can cool off in it. Plus if your human throws a toy in it is hard to catch because it keeps moving with the 'waves'.
I really like to let the wind blow my ears

One thing you should look out for if you go to the beach is a thing humans call "crabs"
They look weird with big eyes and they run on top of the sand and then dive into holes;
I like to investigate things like these crabs so I did a lot of digging;
Whew I have to tell you digging is hard work! But I got close to one of those crabs and it bit my nose!!!!!!!! So be very careful with crabs!

I hope you can see that going to the beach is lots of fun and there is plenty of work to do to. Lots of things that you have never smelled before or seen before need to be checked out. Oh and lots of birds too! I love birds.
I need to catch up on some rest now but I would love to hear about your trips to the beach.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bugsy in the hole in the wall!

Well it was bound to happen with all these holes still in the walls. Each day when the workers leave he carefully inspects all their work. Sometimes this inspection may include eating pieces of paper from sheet rock or licking the dust or stealing a tool or attempting to sniff insulation. Prior to last night he has sniffed some of the holes but curiously not shown a ton of interest in them.
Until last night. I guess curiosity finally got the best of him and instead of trotting down the upstairs hallway passed the large hole under the stairs he went in. I had to look for him and walla all that I could see was the tip of his long tail at the top edge of the hole. More concerning he seemed to be on a hunt.
Reluctantly he backed his way out of there and I blocked it off.
A few hours later when we were under a tornado watch, I thought that hole would be ideal for hiding in should the tornado come close LOL

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geesh can't do nothing 'round here

Last night I was kind of bored so I went and got a piece of something my humans call "sheetrock". Wow did they get uptight so I gave it back. Tastes terrible anyway.
So then I went outside and there was this thing flying and buzzing. I tried to catch it but my human said leave that bee alone. Harrumph!
So then I found a bee hive which they took away, then a bird's nest, yup they took it again.
Whew dis is boring. So I took my dad's glasses and ran as fast as I could through my dog door! Dang they need dem too. I followed that up with stealing a shoe, then a magazine. Apparently none of this is "appropriate" - whatever!
So they made me go inside while they stayed outside, how unfair is that?
What's a bored pooch to do? Ha ha ha ha I found them some headphones and a dish towel, opened the back door into the garage and came back out with my latest prizes.
My humans looked like this

Ha ha ha ha - dey aren't so smart are they!
OK gotta run - games to play

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bugsy says no to puppy mills but yes to pork!

Recently in North Carolina there has been a lot of backlash regarding House Bill 733 which has been drafted to curtail puppy mills. The regulations apply to
"Commercial breeder" means any person who, during any 12-month period,
maintains 15 or more adult female dogs for the primary purpose of the sale
of their offspring as companion animals.
"Commercial breeding operation" means the physical location or facility at
which a commercial breeder breeds or maintains adult female dogs and their
offspring. For purposes of this Article, commercial breeding operations shall
not include those kennels or establishments operated primarily for the
purpose of boarding or training hunting, sporting, herding, or guide dogs."

Link to the bill

Seems reasonable to me. But guess what? Apparently this is some convoluted plan to make everyone a vegetarian. heck even the NRA has gotten involved link

Say what? So clamping down on commercial breeding, requiring them to treat the animals humanely will lead to the end of North Carolina's huge agriculture sector, which will mean no more pork neck bones for Bugsy or you and I.
Say what? Well the new head of the Humane Society of the US in NC is a vegetarian. oooooooooh I see.
OK no I don't.

I saw a link from the AKC saying this would impact legitimate breeders (what they have unacceptable standards and can't afford a $50 license? Sorry than they are not legit!)
And the hunters are saying they can't have their packs limited they won't be able to hunt. Clearly this will end hunting in NC. Say what?
You need more than 15 bitches to hunt?

This in a state with one of the largest euthanasia tallies in the US? Where hunting dogs are "set free" each year after hunting season because they are too costly to feed all year round. Good gracious people are you mad?

The Executive Director of the Wake County SPCA had this to say LINK

Listen folks if you care about dogs requiring breeders to be licensed and to run clean operations with humane standards is essential. I do feel that some people regard dogs as livestock - they aren't.

This link has some simple explanations of what house bill 733 wants to achieve.

The thought that requiring licenses for 'breeders' with more than 15 bitches somehow will lead to the end of agriculture and meat eating is pure insanity.