Monday, March 26, 2012

Christmas in March

As if it hasn't been wonderful enough that his next door neighbor has been fostering puppy after puppy, tonight he went shopping, got to meet a bunch of dogs, then came home, ran around playing, and within minutes some neighbors with their two little kids (3&5) came into the cul de sac on their bikes yelling "Bugs-ee" at the top of their lungs. O.M.G. His tail was wagging at a record rate and he was so excited he was levitating.
So he's beyond gleeful, the kids are running, rolling, and giggling and along comes someone walking two puppies.
He didn't know what to do
Head exploding.
He's in a very deep sleep now :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot Damn!!!

that's for my friend Lisa but it certainly reflects my excitement level yesterday morning.
Bugsy and I were doing our normal thing, trotted down to 'our' fields, he was let off leash and off he went sniffing and searching.
Then I saw them. At the bottom of the hill, mostly concealed by the trees and tall grasses.
About a dozen deer, white tails suddenly moving in all directions.
I quickly tweeted the Beast - who was transfixed and ready to fly.
The whistle broke his stare and he ambled back towards me, with at least one eye still watching the white tails.
A group of the deer went left into the woods. Whew.
Our intent had been to enter the woods on the right and wander down to our lake access there.
I was tweeting the whistle as necessary. Bugsy was amped and twitching. But remaining near by and checking in with me. I know he was thinking "just give me the sign, Mom" but much to his frustration I didn't.
We continued down the hill.
Oh crap!!!!!!!!!!! More deer! And they went RIGHT, into OUR woods. I had thought they had all gone left but some had just stood still until we got closer.
Another sharp tweet as Bugs was trembling and stalking as you could just barely see the deer moving through the dark woods.
I was trying to decide whether to leash him or keep challenging him.
In consideration for my shoulders I kept him off leash.
We moved parallel to the deer - them to our left in the woods, us on our path through the tall grass on the right edge of the woods.
I waited a few times to try to let them get ahead of us with the hopes they would cross in front of us to the other side of the field.
We arrived at 'our' path to 'our' hidden lake access and whoosh they crossed the path.
I am not sure how Bugsy DIDN'T have a stroke - he literally looked like he would spontaneously combust.
After waiting for them to be out of sight, I relaxed and off he went.
Amazingly not after them, he scented and scoured the landscape for any sight of them but he was able to direct him to the lake access.
Of course we got to the water and the muddy entry was full of hoof prints and a super-sized heron that gronked angrily at us for disturbing his morning

I was beyond thrilled, the adrenaline surge and the intensity of being on top of Bugsy for so long was exhilarating and exhausting.

We wandered a bit more and then headed down 'our' path to 'our' trail that splits the woods and the fields.
Good gracious what do we see - more deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time flying through 'our' field.
Bugsy was very fed up with not being able to chase them so we had another power play with many whistle stays and another success.

Hot damn!!!!!!!!!!
That was a surreal experience for me and the Beast. One I am not sure I want to replicate but what an achievement for both of us.
Love you Bugs! And thanks for being so good.