Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seven weeks agp

7 weeks ago today we found out that Bugsy had a mass on his spleen and that  it was an aggressive cancer.
Life changed in this house on that day. For the humans at least.

Bugsy not so much.
Like most dogs he just wakes up in the morning, eats, drinks, pees, poops, explores and looks for trouble.
He takes things in stride so I took him for the surgery, he did well, he was a nightmare coming out of anesthesia, came home the next day and wanted to just get back to his life.
25 staples in his gut went unnoticed by him.
He immediately seemed better.
He gained some weight in the first week after losing for months

As has been our experience, the toughest part of post op was trying to keep him from being too active and crazy.

Two weeks post op, staples removed, we headed to the beach and he was Bugsy. Running, zooming, digging.
People would ask about his shave and I'd tell him he just had his spleen removed and had aggressive cancer and was 11+.  I will see their faces forever.
My amazing dog, a force of nature.
He defies his age, his injuries, his illness.

Tonight 7 weeks post-diagnosis of a cancer they gave him 3-6 months to survive, he remains well.
Happy, cheeky, active. Silly, loving, and pushy.

The world is in turmoil but my dog and I inhabit a warm, fuzzy, silly place.